Home News Breaking News: Prisoner who shared transport claims Freddie Gray intentionally injured himself

Breaking News: Prisoner who shared transport claims Freddie Gray intentionally injured himself


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LEO Affairs Staff:

According to a police report acquired by the Washington Post, a prisoner who shared the transport with Freddie Gray following his arrest told police that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” and he ” was intentionally trying to injure himself.”

There are 6 important facts from the Washington Post report to consider:

1. The other prisoner was separated from Gray by a metal partition and couldn’t see him.

2. The Baltimore PD is not commenting on the story.

3. The Washington Post was given the document after guaranteeing to keep the identity of the other prisoner confidential, because he fears for his safety.

4.  The statement was contained in an application for a search warrant, which is court sealed.

5. The Gray family attorneys were not aware of the statement and questioned the accuracy of the report.

6. The van transporting Gray made 3 stops.  The first stop was to put Gray in leg irons because he was acting “irate”.  The second stop was to check on Gray and put him back on his seat, as he was on the floor.  The third stop was to add the other passenger, a 38-year-old man who was there for the rest of the 6 block ride to the Western District station.

There are unconfirmed reports from various online news outlets, including The Fourth Estate, which claim Freddie Gray recently had back surgery.  The validity of that report has been disputed by the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post, but it does raise the question of whether Gray had any pre-existing condition that could have been a contributing factor in the severing of his spinal cord.  Most importantly however, it means that in any case, the public does know what happened, yet police everywhere are being demonized for yet another incident that might not have even taken place.  In fact, the opposite might be true, that the officers stopped the transport multiple times to prevent Freddie Gray from injuring himself.  But that goes against a national narrative put forth by media organizations like CNN and MSNBC as well as politicians as high-ranking as president himself.

If this witness statement proves to be accurate, Baltimore will be the second US city to suffer the wrath of a movement which is based on lies, knee-jerk reactions, and people profiting from the chaos.

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    • Children’s toys are designed so kids can’t hurt themselves too yet it happens. I’m not saying it’s true. All I’m saying is “If there is a will, there is a way”

    • They are designed to prevent suicides and injurys from ruff transport not self inflicted injuries sustained while beating your head on the walls and or flailing your body around

    • If you already have injury any banging yourself around will cause further injuries to yourself. Why do you think we still strap people down in the hospital that are trying to self harm. It isn’t for fun, we are trying to protect you and us. It is really easy to break your own bones if you try, more so if they have been broken before. If it actually comes out that he did in fact have surgery a week and a half before, well those bones wouldn’t have been heal enough to that a few slams oh the padding a normal police car wouldn’t have broken them. You are aware he was collecting a settlement from allstate, right? This was his 5th arrest since the start of the year. Maybe he thought oh I can get one from the City and get all my charges dropped.

    • lol designed to prevent injuries? it’s a freakin car, what do you think it has special padding? in nyc some of the cars dont even have a seat cushion you just sit on a hard plastic seat. you don’t think you could hurt yourself in that? these cars don’t have cushion you fool.

    • Not really. Ours is a metal box inside of a van. You can unbuckle your seat belt and we can’t hear well if others are talking.

  1. So we’re taking the word of a prisoner over the officer’s wife, who is telling people that her husband claims the man was injured during the arrest? Pick and choose what to report I guess…

  2. Coming from a site that is going to always back LEO, this is not surprising. Funny how this site says the president and media are spreading things before they are known, yet is saying he had back surgery (proof?), he hurt himself (funny how police believe prisoners when it HELPS them, but never any other time). Get your nose out of the LEO butt. They murdered this guy, like they did. Just because mindless drones trust them because they are racists idiots does not make it any less true.
    I guess Walter Scott shot himself IN THE BACK. I guess Abner Louima shoved the broom handle up his butt on his own, and Tamir Rice’s TOY gun made the officer afraid. If the law is guns are allowed in this country, then a toy gun is certinly not a crime. The police can not SHOOT a person because they have a TOY.

    • You’re an idiot! An obviously racist idiot too. Toy guns, really? The toy guns made know days resemble real guns almost exactly. I’m sure all these cops got together and said hey, let’s murder this guy, and ruin our careers for a worthless criminal. Do us all a favor and hold your breath for 10 min. Dumbass!!!


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