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BREAKING: Congressman to re-hang painting of police officers as pigs shooting African-Americans tomorrow

The untitled artwork that was hung at the US Capitol Building depicting police officers as pigs. Credit: Independent Journal Review.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Rep. William Lacy Clay plans to return a painting to its Capitol Hill display after a colleague took offense and removed it because it shows a pig in a police uniform aiming a gun at African-American protesters.

The painting by a high school student in Clay’s district was inspired by the shooting and protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California removed the painting Friday and returned it to Clay’s office.

A media advisory says the rehanging of the painting Tuesday is a proud statement in defense of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The advisory says the painting had been on display for months and was viewed peacefully by thousands of congressional staffers and the public before it was removed “without permission or proper authority.”

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  1. Pitiful. When our congressmen and woman do things to pit us against one another–and they do that all too often to best serve their own political standing–it just becomes more apparent that we need to clean out congress by voting for whole new congress. We’ve let them get ability to raise their own salaries as well as health care and retirement and now ability to redistrict our voting areas so they can get anyone they choose in congress and White House. It’s time all that stopped


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