Home News UPDATED: Civilian shoots, kills man attacking deputy in Florida

UPDATED: Civilian shoots, kills man attacking deputy in Florida

A picture taken from a motorist who witnessed the fatal struggle near Estero, Florida. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE: The suspect who was fatally shot by a civilian while beating a Florida deputy has been identified as 53-year-old Edward Strother.

The bystander who fatally shot Strother, likely saving the deputy’s life, has not been identified.

53-year-old Edward Strother.
53-year-old Edward Strother.

The Monday morning commute in Estero, Florida came to a standstill today after a suspect led police on a wild and deadly chase along southbound I -75.

One of those drivers who got caught up in the drama this morning was Rick Maestas. He spoke to WINK News this morning and had this to say about what he saw:

“There was a high-speed pursuit on the left shoulder when I got off the ramp…there was a man on top of another man …they were struggling for a little bit then I heard three shots…then the man who was sitting on top of the police officer fell to the side…the police officer got up, he was exhausted and laid back down, then help came.”

Other drivers, who witnessed pieces of the action as it unfolded this morning, wrote about it later online.  One person said the suspect drove past them going at least 120mph… “he flew by a deputy who then chased him for at least 3 exits.”

It appears that the deputy was working an accident at Mile Marker 126 when the suspect “came upon him” and that’s when the pursuit began.

Another woman wrote: “I watched the suspect jump out of his car and run toward the officer and tackled him.”


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office told local news media that the deputy who was involved, 12-year veteran Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, is expected to be okay. The suspect who was fighting with the deputy was killed during the struggle and WINK is reporting that a passerby is the one who shot him.

Deputy First Class Dean Bardes.
Deputy First Class Dean Bardes.

“The passerby, who had a Concealed Weapons License, exited his vehicle and instructed the suspect to stop beating the deputy…after noncompliance from the suspect, the passerby shot the suspect three times,”  sources said.

The exit to Corkscrew Road was completely blocked off and traffic was backed up for miles on southbound I-75 this morning.  FHP officials say the ramp is expected to be closed until 9pm.


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      • The hero in this case is the concealed carry person, not the cop. I’m so tired of people automatically bestowing “hero” status on others simply because of the uniform they wear, versus from actual heroic actions on the part of the uniform wearer by going above and way beyond the call of duty.

        • Alpha, the cops put their life on line every day going out to ensure you live in relative safety, that makes them a hero.
          It is obvious that such nobility is a foreign concept to you.

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    • I would like to know what will happen to the citizen that had a legal right to carry but has used that right to shoot someone to defend a police officer. A follow up would be nice.

      • Nothing. He did the right and legal thing. Well within his rights to shoot. The officer’s life & safety was in danger – as was that of the general public. Give that man a medal!

        • I’m not so sure that he will not face any charges at all since the dead heathen was not armed. If he had been attacking a woman, child, elderly person or someone else who couldn’t be expected to defend themselves then certainly he had an obligation to defend that person but in my state of Arizona, when I took my CCW class, the instructor specifically told us that we couldn’t count on not being prosecuted if our attacker was using only his fist (no other weapon) against another man – he said that men were expected to defend themselves against such an attack with their own fists. I offer this in order to hear other people’s thoughts – and not to, in any way, indicate that I am taking the idiots side in this. Also, our instructor did not provide an Arizona Revised Statute to back up his claim/advice so certainly it could have simply been his own opinion of what might or might not happen in such a scenario…

          • Unlike police officers that has no obligation to protect you or I, Citizens are lawfully required to protect an officer in distress, and if you ignore the chance to help, you are breaking the law and can go to jail. This is a fact and I encourage you to look it up.

          • Under Section 776.012, Florida Statutes (Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law), a person is justified in using deadly force (and does not have a duty to retreat) if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony or to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another.
            If he testifies that he believed the officer was in an excessive amount of danger (other witnesses accounts of the incident, that should hold up in court as the attacker had the upper hand), then he should be safe from prosecution.

          • I am an Arizona resident who also took the CCW class and we were told to defend any law officer whether or not the attacker was armed or not. If a law officer is attacked, shoot suspect regardless.

        • Not only did he this man do the right thing and the legal thing, he went above and beyond. He never had to warn this man. He never had to tell him to stop beating the officer. He could have just pulled his legally carried weapon and shot this s.o.b. with no warning. He gave this p.o.s. a chance and he didn’t take it, he kept assaulting the officer so he was shot…….PERIOD!!!!

      • He will probably face a lawsuit from the family of the person he killed. That has become fairly standard fare. He will probably also face a grand jury trial but I am fairly confident they will find in his favor.

          • Yep. Blue Lives Matter. Deadly force justified if a person believes they or another victim is in danger of great bodily harm or death. If someone is beating on someone who can no longer defend themselves, they will be dead if the attacker decides not to stop. Help them decide like this ccw did.

          • Bob Gold, I don’t understand why you had to make the “pro-crime NY or CA” remark. No one was discussing NY or CA and it was just uncalled for. I’ve lived the majority of my life in NY and have never used a weapon against anyone. We are not pro-crime here. Maybe you might want to spend some time here before you make some half-ass remark like that.

      • IDOL. It matters not if the Life you save is that of a law enforcement officer, a civilian, black or white, a Christian or a Muslim, if it is a human life, you’re in the clear. Just don’t take it to the extreme, and drop 5 of your 30 rd. AK-47 magazines into this guy, and you’ll be fine.

        • I would hate to be shot with a magazine. That would leave a nasty wound cavity.
          Please educate yourself sheep.

      • The local news here (SW Florida) reported that the officer that was being beaten yelled out to the man with the gun to shoot the suspect, so I don’t think anything will happen to the man who shot the suspect.

      • In many southern states, issuance of a CWP is predicated on the understanding that the holder is morally obligated to assist Law Enforcement.

      • When Trump gets in , he is putting back 5 gun laws put in by Obama administration. I’m pretty sure I read we get all of our gun rights back since he ‘Trump’ thinks we should be able to defend ourselves, but too because it was laws taking away our lawful rights. We just have to wait til January 20, for him to be sworn in.

        • Hi Deberah! You seem very informed on this subject. What 5 laws might you be referring to? Also, just out of curiosity.. what gun rights were revoked from you personally or from anyone for that matter?

      • The County DA will probably charge him with Manslaughter ! That’s how screwed up the Courts are nowdays in this country !!!

    • Outstanding I hope that if I’m ever in that situation I hope someone like that comes to my aid. Thank you for you support of my fellow LEOS

    • I watched the bystander’s video and it seemed the shooting was justified. I dearly hope someone helps this hero deal with the fact he just took another human being’s life. In the video you can clearly see he is in great distress. May you find peace and resolution dear sir.

  1. With things the way they are this day and age….I hope the deputy didn’t stand up and take the civilian in to custody and charge him with murder….”Hey, uh, thanks buddy….you saved my life…now turn around and put your hands behind your back”…

  2. We have to help the police out. It’s all out war now with criminals thinking they have the upper hand. Time for CCW carriers to help, like this one did. Screw the criminals.

    • It is also time for nation-wide Constitutional carry like we have here in Maine. Any law abiding citizen can carry open or concealed, it is your choice, no CCW required, as the Constitution demands. Here is Maine a law abiding citizen does not need a permission slip from big brother to exercise our 2nd Amendment Rights.

      • Arizona has the same law. The CCW comes into play whwn the CCW carrier goes to another state that has reciprocity withArizona. KUDOS to the civilian. Also for the record, in most states the Use of Deadly Force statute applies to governmental employees i.e. Law Enforcement not civilians.

  3. OUTSTANDING. When an officer’s life is being threatened, it is the public’s duty to assist and defend them.

  4. Its almost instinct to congratulate the passer-by who came to the aid of the officer, but its also a mistake. The gentleman is not a officer, this isn’t his profession. If it were a life or death scenario the attacker would’ve already been dead. This was a wrestling brawl to restrain the suspect. The passer-by if feeling committed should have instead aided in holding him down before backup arrived. He might be prosecuted now as if it were excess deadly force. If not prosecuted he may lead to the questionable lawfulness of shooting someone in other situations. So yea.

        • According to the witness, the Deputy ordered the civilian to shoot the perp. I live in NY and while it is governed by liberal toads, we do have a law on that books that you MUST obey the lawful commands of a peace officer. So this guy would be covered, even here in NY, the criminals paradise.

    • All except for that pesky little “no duty to retreat” clause. Chapter 790 of the Florida statutes. Educate yourselves. The lives of the motorist and more imminently, the life of the deputy, were in danger. And according to FL law, the good Samaritan was well within his legal right to use deadly force. But hey, I wasn’t there and this is just a news article that could have been spun in many directions. But the Law is the Law.

    • I certainly don’t agree with your comment, the police needed help and a good person was there to help. So get off your soap box.

    • “The passerby, who had a Concealed Weapons License, exited his vehicle and instructed the suspect to stop beating the deputy…after noncompliance from the suspect, the passerby shot the suspect three times,”

      He was beating the deputy and refused to quit. You can A) Physically assault the suspect which is fine if you are well trained B) Shoot the suspect or C) Do nothing which sounds like your choice.

    • You haven’t been in many fights have you Joe…or dangerous situations. How do you know where the perpetrator who was on top of and beating the officer would have stopped? How do you know he did not have a knife or other weapon he had yet been able to bring out for use? You don’t and you cannot know. The passerby did the right and legal thing.

    • Obviously you’re not a police officer either. The suspect was on top of the police officer beating him. There were no other police officers there, the only help was a civilian, who fearing for the life of the police officer used deadly force to protect him. Totally justifiable.

    • Don’t know what the law is in your jurisdiction., but in ine, it is legal to use deadly force in the protection of self and of others.

    • You didn’t read the story. The article that I read says that the suspect exited their vehicle, ran towards the officer, tackled the officer, and then got on top of the officer and was beating him. The passerby ordered the suspect to stop beating the police officer. The suspect did not comply. After the suspect was shot, he fell off of the officer, who he was on top of, and the officer was too exhausted to get up and had to wait for help to arrive. It sounds to me like if the passerby had not intervened, the officer might have been severely injured or even killed. If the passerby had jumped on top of the suspect to rescue the officer, he might have injured the officer, who was underneath the suspect being beaten by him. Perhaps the passerby would have ALSO been injured or killed if they were foolish enough to jump in.

    • So no. Deadly force was warranted. You don’t get in a wrestling match with a guy who is doing physical, bodily harm to another individual. Ever. Period. Especially when you are armed, give an order to stop and the criminal doesn’t comply. That Citizen did exactly what he should’ve done. If he’d tried to wrestle with a violent individual then a Citizen and a Law Enforcement Officer could’ve been dead or have life long injuries. And BTW, what a stupid thing to say that it isn’t his ‘profession’. For those of us Veterans this is exactly what our profession has trained us to do. And we will do this whenever the call to protect innocent life is presented such as it was in this instance.

      • You are certainly right Cho!!! I was Military for 26 yrs with 4 tours in Vietnam & I would have done exactly as the passerby did!!! This is called the “good Samaritan Act in many of our USA states!!! I have a Concealed Carry License & live in an “open carry state(Missouri) & regardless if the perpetrator had the officer exhausted or not, the officer was getting beaten!!! Did the guy he have a weapon also??? You don’t know that ,so it is always 3 rounds center mass & story over!!!!

    • First, Florida is a *stand in the shoes* state. This means you have the right to defend another as if you were in the victim’s shoes. Second, the Officer was NOT restraining a suspect! The suspect subdued the Officer, and was on top of the Officer and beating him savagely. There will be no charges filed against the citizen.

      • Scott while it is true that there will almost certainly be no charges filed against the the citizen its NOT true that there will be no investigation.
        Any shooting that involves a death necessitates an investigation. If the District Attorney is a decent person, he or she will send all of the findings to a Grand Jury (twice).
        That way, the investigation can get a “No Bill” from a Grand Jury twice and it will be impossible for any future DA to ever file charges against him in relation to the incident.
        That is the only way to fully protect him from fallout in the future.

    • Shut up. You know nothing of the situation if you had read the entire article you would see that the criminal had overpowered the police officer and refused to stop beating him. The armed citizen was justified to use deadly force. I know your type, the type of person who does not understand the laws and rules that govern us. So yes you would stand and watch the officer be killed or crippled for life. I will stack my 35 years in front line policing against your lack of knowledge all day long on matters that pertain to police issues.

    • Sorry. Perhaps you need a little more information. Police are armed. They are instructed to fight with one hand, and keep the other on the holster. When it looks like they need both hands, time to shoot. Apparently, this nice office’s hesitation could have been his own death. Thank God for good–and armed–samaritans!

      • Not sure where you got THAT info! Fight with one hand? If anyone is training that, they should be fired. You CANNOT defend yourself or subdue a criminal using one hand! Where did it say this Officer hesitated?! You are making assumptions that may not be valid.

      • Your an idiot. Police officers are not trained to fight with one hand on their gun. Quite watching the movies.

      • Oh Sweet Baby Jesus… That is the stupidest thing I have read all year! Please reference a training manual/program where that is taught.

    • Uh, Joe, hello Joe, how do YOU know the attacker who was on top of the officer wasn’t going to snap the officer’s neck or choked him out!??? Glad the scumbag criminal is dead so we don’t have to even waste any tax $$ on a trial! None of my friends or family would be in a 120mph hi-speed chase nor fighting w/an officer!

    • He would already been dead? Sounds to me like the attacker had the upper hand. You don’t know the age, size, sex or anything of what was going on. Maybe that attacker was about to take the officer’s gun. Now the good Samaritan might have tried to also wrestle with the attacker, but what if the attacker was much larger, younger, etc. than the GS?

      I hope the GS put a nice big hole in the attacker’s head.

    • Attack an officer accept the consequences. Can’t say I have any sympathy for the guy who got shot.
      Anytime an officer is under attack there is a possibility of deadly force being used. How many times have cops been shot with their own gun?

      I’m not physically capable of grappling with some thug and I’m NOT standing by to watch an officer get beat. Really leaves only one option.

    • WRONG !!! speaking as an instructor… you have an armed officer being attacked and beaten… the attacker could take control of the weapon and use it against the officer… that is a life or death scenario. I teach my students to warn their attacker.. even if they are unarmed and continue to approach… shoot them. You cannot afford to be overtaken and have the attacker get control of your weapon. PERIOD !! Thank God this citizen acted before the idiot took the officers gun and killed him. STOP taking up for the criminals !!!!!!!

      • He did exactly what he should have. Gave warning and when he didn’t comply, boom. Anyone saying he did anything wrong has absolutely NO CLUE. Attacker could have had the officers gun, shot the officer and anyone else he came across.

    • Attack an officer, accept the consequences. I have no sympathy for the guy who got shot.

      In your opinion this was some wrestling match with the officer on the bottom. What happens when/if the officer’s sidearm falls in the wrong hands?
      Anytime an officer is in an altercation the possibility of deadly force is there.

      If I am witness to an officer being beaten, I’m NOT standing by to watch. I am not physically capable of nor am I inclined to grapple with some thug. Doesn’t leave much choice.

    • What if the attacker is 6″5 300 pounds and you want to help, but you’re half his size? If the civilian had reasonable belief that the officers live was in danger, he had every right. He ordered him at gun point to stop and he didn’t. So it is reasonable to believe he is willing to beat the officer to death. You’re right, it is risky, but I believe he did the right thing.

      Retired Multnomah County Deputy.

      • If in doubt just read the rules for the test in handgun licensing. I did. You are allowed to fire your gun if, in your mind you think someone is going to be killed. They will probably take your gun until the investigation is over but it will be returned.

    • Maybe he doesn’t care about all of that. Some would gladly go to jail for a righteous act. It’s when we’re afraid to do the right thing for fear of the law, that the law has lost its purpose. May we never come to that.

    • This response is exactly what’s wrong in America. If you see someone beating the tar out of someone, give them fair warning, they don’t stop, and then you shoot them, that is a reasonable act. “oh no, don’t kill someone beating a police officer, that offense isn’t something you should kill someone over.” What a load of crap! Next you’ll be telling us that when someone start stealing my stuff I shouldn’t shoot them either. I mean it’s just stuff right. Not worth killing someone over!

      You attack someone and won’t stop when given warning, you steal my stuff and don’t stop when warned, you break into my house where my family is at, you are going to get shot, and since we’re all trained to shoot center of mass, you’re probably going to die.

    • Another Monday morning Quarterback. Were you there? Do you know what is like to struggle and wrestle attempting to handcuff or just defend yourself. The Deputy while attempting to restrain the perp, must also secure his firearm so the perp doesn’t get it and shoot him. What as the physical stature of both men. Exhausting struggle. Thanks to the civilian who took action.

    • It is your DUTY to protect ANYONE who you PERCEIVE to be in IMMINENT danger of bodily harm as a CCW holder. You can lose your CCW if it is found that you neglected your DUTY. If you do not want that responsibility, you are free to either leave your weapon at home or not exercise your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

    • The passer-by is a fellow human being; he doesn’t have to be an officer. The guy beating the cop could easily remove the officer’s gun and take the lawman’s life. The civilian did the right thing. The place to address grievances against a police officer is in a court of law–not on the ground.

    • What would you have done Joe? The criminal was on top of the officer, was he choking him, was the officers life in danger. You made a quick judgement without enough information. If the criminal had been on top of you and was beating you would you want me to stop him immediately or try to reason with him while he was beating you? You should have read the eye witness account and also seen where the attacker was warned to stop. Some citizen taking your approach may have watched you die if you were the one being attacked. The world is not like a Sunday school class. Face reality buddy.

    • WHAT??? So we shoudl just drive by and let someone die or be seriously injured? How would you sleep at night knowing you allowed someone to die when you could have easily stepped up and helped? As an officer/deputy in Fl for 35+ years, I had citizens stop and help me more than once (never had to shoot my suspect) but did help me out in a fight r two or three. When we start thinking like you say they should we are lost. Stand up for what is right and each other, stop being a spectator country!

    • I see what you’re saying Joe but average citizens don’t have the same expectation of ability as a police officer does. As an average citizen with a CCW permit, the passerby just had to “reasonably believe” that the officer was in danger of serious physical injury or death. We don’t know the extent of the assault that the deputy was facing because we weren’t there. As far as I’m concerned, this good citizen deserves our congratulations and our respect. I would hate to be a police officer under attack, exhausted, and possibly about to pass out, when some citizen passes by and attempts to help me by pinning the bad guy down. What if this guy was on PCP or something? In a case like that, you might have two seriously injured people. The deputy and the citizen who game to assist. No, this guy will be fine and he deserves all the respect in the world. No one wants to take a life. But sometimes, we must act in order to save a life.

    • A person is willing to get in a high speed chase with an officer, then exit said vehicle tackle the officer, then commence to beating the officer, and then have a firearm drawn and pointed at him and instructed to quit beating the officer and refuse. I believe at that point in time the reasonable person defense covers your butt. Buy what do I know…. So yea

    • I’m almost 70 years of age. I am not certain it would be prudent for me to be engaged in a wrestling match where one of the combatants may be on some sort of drug- or rage-induced high. Medicine is also not my profession, but if I see you lying in the road, bleeding, I’ll try to stop it, make sure you don’t go into shock, and make sure you’re immobilized. You’re welcome, citizen.

    • When an attacker is on top on of a policeman beating him silly with no sign of stopping, one of three things might happen 1. In the least likely scenario, the attacker might think to himself, wow I’m out of control, I need to stop, then he stops. 2. The attacker keeps hitting the officer until the officer is gravely injured or dead. 3. The attacker gets the officer’s gun and shoots the officer and anyone around trying to stop the attack. If a person is crazy enough to attack an armed officer he probably means to kill the officer or himself, I’d rather it be the thug.

    • If the suspect had overpowered the Deputy then he would have his firearm. Shooting was totally an appropriate action against this violent non-compliant suspect.

    • You’re kidding right? Life or death is apparently what it was, and it looks like the officer might have been the one who lost. It’s this type of thinking right here that provides a “victim” mentality for those who commit crimes. This why liberals were just booted out of office. I guarantee that you would be thanking someone in any way you could if you were on the losingend and someone came to your rescue.

    • how do you know that cop’s head wasn’t getting bashed in? Wrestling leads to death when a bad guy ends up choking out the cop and takes his gun. Citizen is all good depending on the circumstances.

    • Joe guess you would have just stood by and waited until the officer was near dead to see how it was going to end………… I don’t want a spineless person like you around when I’m in trouble!

    • A little background. I wouldn’t call myself a cop hater, but I certainly don’t give them a free pass. I’ve been on the receiving end of police lies and manipulation. I see rampant police abuse nationwide and believe the justice system protects police from justice. They are rarely ever punished for their crimes and even more rarely punished sufficiently for their crimes. To be honest, I can understand people killing corrupt cops. I disagree with it but there is currently no other route to justice when they violate people’s rights. I lethally disagree with killing random innocent cops.

      All that said I disagree with your post.

      A “wrestling brawl” does not involve repeated blows to the head.

      One witness said “I watched the suspect jump out of his car and run toward the officer and tackled him.” Doesn’t sound like an attempt to arrest someone does it? An arrest begins with the officer going TO the suspect, not the other way around. This was an attack on an officer. Period.

      “If it were a life and death scenario the attacker would’ve already been dead.” Not even remotely true. It is hopefully true but you can’t always get to your weapon if you’ve been overpowered.

      “The gentleman is not a officer, this isn’t his profession.” Spoken like a true sheep. No one needs a badge to save a life. The saying “When seconds count the police are only minutes away” is true if the victim is one of the police too.

      “The passer-by if feeling committed should have instead aided in holding him down before backup arrived.” The officer wasn’t holding down the suspect, the suspect was on top of the officer. The officer had already lost the “fight” and was so beaten he couldn’t even sit up anymore. So the passerby wouldn’t be “aiding in holding him(suspect/criminal) down”, the passerby would be entirely alone doing so. You are for some reason assuming the passerby was fit enough to engage in a physically violent confrontation. What if this passerby is over 50 years old? Would you still require him to get physical with someone who has already shown the ability to overpower and pulverize a cop? Even if the passerby were physically able to get involved in a violent confrontation, why the hell should he risk getting hurt or killed to keep a scumbag alive?

      It would have been nice if there were some non lethal way of incapacitating the suspect but it probably wasn’t available to the passerby. A taser would have hurt the officer too. Pepper spray could have as well. Still may have been worth the risk of additional harm to the officer to save the life of the scumbag, but it’s all armchair quarterbacking.

      Prosecution is NOT needed. All that is needed in this case is a police investigation. IF, the investigation yields something worth prosecuting then sure, prosecute. We need MORE of this kind of citizen involvement and protection of the police, not less.

    • Good Samaritans are not held to the same standards as LEO, If the bystander believed the deputy would suffer either great bodily harm or death, he was well within his rights to dispatch the scumbag with extreme prejudice.

    • It’s not a mistake you weak minded dip stick! It’s your duty to help!! Does Ma-Ma still make your Oat Meal in the morning. Glad I didn’t have your Narrow ass over seas withy me. Damn People…….js

    • Joe in accordance to the rules of a ccw permitted civilian you can use deadly force if you witness a felony or if you feel you or someone elses’ life is in danger or fear of bodily harm.

    • He doesn’t have to be a deputy to save a life if that life was in imminent danger. Why would you think the attacker would have already been dead if he were fighting the deputy? I don’t see your comment making any sense at all. If he were able to get the deputy’s weapon, it is highly likely the deputy would have died. The citizen was a hero! Too many peace officers are being killed by criminals. We should assist whenever we can. They don’t carry back up officers in the back seat to always be there when needed

    • Um I read that the suspect was on top of the officer. After the citizen instructed the man to stop and the suspect did not then he shot. Clean shoot. No charges. Plus numerous I witnesses. This guy is in the clear

    • Completely wrong, Joe. When it became a brawl and wrestling match it immediately became a life/death situation – if not before when the man charged at the cop. What did you think he was going to do once he finished beating him silly – give him a kiss and walk away? No. When you are a cop and someone is fighting against you – the first chance they get they are going to go for your weapon(s) and USE THEM AGAINST YOU. This was a justified shoot.

    • You are correct and all of these people responding are NOT police officers or they would not be talking about being justified. The least amount of force by a non-officer to neutralize the situation is expected. Shooting 3 times is not least amount. Concealed carrier makes no difference here. I would hope that he wouldn’t be charged but you never know. I doubt a jury would convict but by the time this person paid a lawyer, spent time in jail, paid a bond or bondsman, lost work, he has lost too much for what should not have been an arrestable offense.

    • Wow, the stupid is strong in this one.. you really shouldn’t comment on anything where people will find out about how stupid you really are.

    • So your response is keep driving,don’t stop to assist.
      Prayers go out to you,I pray you are never in such a situation where they heed your advice.
      Hats off to the brave citizen that got involved.

    • The suspect was on top of the officer attacking him, so 1.) The officer was obviously unable to reach his weapon to protect himself or he would have done so. 2.) It wasn’t just a wrestling match, the officer wasn’t on top. 3.) The passer-by told the attacker multiple times to stop his assault of the officer. 4.) Saving/assisting someone is a civil and moral duty, it doesn’t have to be their “job”. If someone who has a permit to carry a firearm sees you being brutally attacked, do you want them to save you? Or just let it happen and wait 5 minutes for someone to show up whose ” job” it is to save you?

    • You must have read a different story than I did. It said the suspect had the officer down and was beating him. It wasn’t a wrestling match. The suspect rammed the officer down. So it was a valid shooting. He gave the man a chance to stop.sa

    • No way. The perp ambushed the officer — he might have been on PCP, if so it could take four officers to restrain him. The gun owner gave him fair warning, and when his warning wasn’t heeded he dd exactly the right thing — from witness reports, the officer was badly beaten already when the gun owner intervened.

      Of course if you are with BLM you might have pulled over and taken a close-up phone video, so you could later post the killing of the police officer on your favorite hip-hop web site.

    • The law in Florida is very clear on use of force. The passer-by saw a felony “being” committed. He was within his rights to do what he did. Now, you say 3 shots was excessive? All well trained gun owners, military and LEO’s are trained to fire a 3 round burst.

      I congratulate the person who had the guts to get involved and take out the trash.

    • It may not be his profession but it is his duty as a citizen to protect someone life if possible. In this case it was that of a Police Officer and this citizen had a permit to carry a firearm. I would have done the same thing and if it had been me fighting this crazed suspect I would have thanked this man profusely and do whatever I could to give him a medal that he so justly deserved.
      FYI, it is NEVER just a wresting match when it involved a suspect beating an Officer who have access to the Officers firearm

    • HMMMMMM. Someone on a Law Enforcement Officer beating him, after the someone was driving Felony Stupid. Intention is there. What would a reasonable person perceive and do? Civilians are normally not covered under the Use of deadly Force statutes, as are Law Enforcement. Warning given and disregarded, shoot the bastard.

  5. Sad to say but this is what is going to have to happen for people to start thinking twice about attacking an officer, I am thankful that the passer by stopped and gave assistance to the officer, it may have ended with another dead officer had he not stopped.. We have to take our country back ourselves as it has become such a mess and so out of control.. Prayers to all involved…

    • So true..It is a war on the streets and the Police seem to be the targets..It is sad, no one who is willing to sacrifice their lives for ours should fear coming to work. Having a conceal and carry is important to our safety and our 2nd Amendment rights. Protect the police as they protect us!!

  6. Thank God the Officer will be fine. Thanks to the passer by who shot and killed the lunatic, Thank God for the 2nd Amendment that allows that officer to go home to family. AMEN.

  7. Thank God the passerby was there or we would be hearing of another law enforcement person possibly dead great job by the passerby kudos to you. You saved the officers life for that u will be rewarded in all ways God bless u and the officer.

  8. I love how this page has so much AD junk on it..that it took a full 5 mins to watch the video on a 100MB connection via a high end gamer system…. less ad more news ADMIN less add

  9. This has gotten so out of hand, we have lost to many men and women in blue. I’m to the point I say shoot first ask questions later. I pray for all of you that you go home to family after every shift. Bless you all, and stay safe.

  10. I’m very curious as to the legality and as to how the situation will be handled.
    I imagine he (the Good Samaritan)will be arrested and tried if the suspect died.

    • The suspect did die and more than likely the case will be presented to a grand jury just as all homicide cases are presented to grand juries. That doesn’t necessarily mean the citizen will be prosecuted.

    • I believe Florida law states if you see a person being beaten to a pulp or in eminent danger by law you can take measures to protect them.. police or no police.i may be slightly off but I’m pretty sure I’m close. I also carry concealed. If someone else’s life s in danger you may help….now the crap you are going to have to go though afterword.. well god only knows….

    • In most states, Florida included, It is a justifiable use of deadly force to protect yourself or a third party from death or grievous bodily harm. In this case, the officer would be the third party, and the good Samaritan could reasonably believe that the officer was in imminent danger. Unless there is some mitigating evidence that we haven’t seen yet, it looks like a clean shoot by the passerby.

    • He cannot be charged,as he used deadly force,only after the suspect was warned,and he did not comply. The citizen was defending a law enforcement officer in danger.

    • If the story is accurate and it wasn’t a wrestling match and the suspect was on top of the officer and striking him….here in the state of Florida whether he dies or not, he most likely will not be charged and it will be justified.

  11. I always carry in my truck and if I would see that I also would shoot my husband is the same he has his guns with him at all time and will shoot at anyone harming a police officer.

  12. There will be no prosecution. Stand your ground-Florida

    Sections 776.012, and 776.013, Florida Statutes, provides that a person is justified in the use of deadly force and has no duty to retreat if either:

    (1) the person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself, or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony; or
    (2) the person acts under and according to the circumstances set forth in Section 776.013 (pertaining to the use of force in the context of a home or vehicle invasion).

    Basically…if you see someone attacking another person or they attack you it is legal to shoot them. Does not matter whether you are out in public or at home.

    The real tragedy here is that so many people are either pro-gun or anti-gun yet they have no concept of the law as it relates to guns.

  13. I believe most Americans are wimps. I could have handled this situation with my fists. You cowards and your guns. That’s not something to be proud of. But, most of you don’t have any hand to hand combat skills and you’re all scared of your own shadows…so im not surprised.

  14. I would be shocked, but, not surprised if criminal charges were brought forward. Bad guys have more rights then the good guys. I’m willing to kick in on the good guys legal defense fund.

  15. If you find yourself with your back to the ground, overmatched, backup is unable to reach you. I know that I or any one of my fellow CCW’s will stop to help, so you can make it home after your shift.

    A disarmed public is not the answer.. A partnership with them is..

  16. Kudos to the good Samaritan who saved the police officer… In cases like this, it is up to US, the public, to protect our officers when we can! The man deserves a medal!

  17. This is Florida and justifiably so nothing will happen to the shooter. We take being armed as a serious right here.

  18. According to the story, the guy was ON TOP OF the officer, beating on him. So, what, wait for him to stop ~ maybe, and grab the cops gun and shoot the good Samaritan too? uh huh!!
    You don’t know the circumstances in whole. Maybe the guy was a 2-300lb boxer and the cop was 150 chess player.. AND, the good Samaritan might have also been older, smaller, and basically in no shape to jump in and probably get the s#it beat out of him since the cop was already spent..
    GOOD FOR THE SAMARAITAN!!! I can’t wait for the day when many more perspective Good Samaritans, are carrying..

  19. Okay where do we send the medal to and what name do you want on the check ? It is way past time when the good guys start to win and the garbage is taken out like it should be. You will see more and more of this as time goes on because hard working, honest people are tired of the crap out there stealing and killing at free will. Time for it to stop !

  20. When they are to come to your aid, it is a fellow citizen deputized to brandish and pursue, and when folk like us have opportunity to assist an officer, our knights in shining armor so to speak, it is to be commendable. What folk don’t realize it is not personalities it is a struggle of black hearts against the innocents.

  21. Thank God Trump was elected. Our Law Enforcement needs the backing of the Justice Department. Our Police and Sheriffs fight the bad actors and put up with liberal mental illness from the government.

  22. Hello

    would one shot in the attackers shoulder not have stopped him?
    or.. one in the left arm one on the right and if he stands up one in the leg..

    killing a person… he has to live with it..

    • Thiijs, yes, he has to live with it and no, it won’t be easy. Do you know where he aimed those shots? Do you know it wasn’t the shoulder or arms? Have you ever tried to shoot a moving object with that precision? That isn’t easy either. I hope you aren’t being critical, because this was real life, not TV or the movies. I am forever amazed at the way the public thinks Hollywood portrays things are the way they happen in real life.

    • Thiijs……have you ever had to shoot a weapon at a moving target under stressful conditions? Try it. Aiming for center mass is the most effective way to ensure your rounds hit the target.

    • No one……NO one trains to “wing” someone. That is a movie fantasy. Perhaps a sniper with training and experience could do that, given perfect conditions? When trained to legally use a firearm, you must decide if the incident warrants deadly force, and if you are convinced that it does, you aim for “center mass”–ALWAYS. People have fired weapons at pointblank range and missed the intended target altogether. If you doubt this idea. go to a gun range, rent a gun. ON the range, place the paper target 6′ from your booth. turn your back to the target, swing around, then shoot the target in the forehead, and in each shoulder. Fire all the rounds the gun will hold. Check the target and see what your results are.

    • And the good Samaritan can live with the fact that he saved a Police officers life in the performance of his duty. And with the knowledge that the officer Will go home to go home to his family. There is no choice I would live with it Secure in the knowledge YOU DID WHAT WAS RIGHT.

    • I could live with knowing that now I am even better trained and was in the right place at the right time. It’s called removing the threat. No regrets or tears.

  23. The CCW permit holder was fully justified under the law. He stopped a felony in progress. There will be no criminal charges to follow. This is a very simple case and the speculation by those who think otherwise is just that… speculation.

    Be careful out there guys, and thanks for helping us out when we need you as our backup.

  24. Any assault on a LEO should be immediately met with full deadly force. Attack a cop and expect to die. Perp made the choice. I wouldn’t hesitate to help the LEO with as many shots as it took to save him. Perp gets his wish. Win-win-win

  25. Give that man a medal and a key to the city. Give the officer any medical treatment and a few days off with pay. As for the criminal put him where he belongs a pine box in the ground. I have much respect for the man who had the guts to stand up and help a LEO in his time of need. To the officer thank you for your service.

    • It’s been a long time since it happened and still they won’t say, that suggests to me they are covering up the identity of the suspect and the likelihood that the suspect is black is better than 75% 20% Islamic 5% white, Hispanic Asian or pacific islander, Jewish, Pigmy.

  26. Great job and a heart felt thank you from a 39 year veteran and current Deputy. You did the right thing and all well be fine. It never gets clear in this type of situations and its always a hard choice. people love to monday quarter back and you too may start to judge yourself. Thats normal in such situation take comfort in knowing your decision was correct. The man placed himself into the situation that cost him his life. you didn’t create his actions, he did. Thank you Sir!

  27. Great story…which means it will never be shown in Huffington Post, Washington Post, The New York Times or any of the liberal rags. You want to solve the murder rate in Chicago? Give them all guns…it will spike for a few months and then drop like rock in a lake.

  28. Why couldn’t the reporter ask the witnesses for a description of the suspect??? I wonder what he looked like don’t you?

  29. We’ve already had one deputy killed on duty here in Estero.
    I’m glad there wasent a secound.
    Thank you for stepping in to help.

  30. What if the cop and the shooter were involved in a shake down of the dead guy because the dead guy was not giving them a fair cut of his drug dealing profit. I suppose they would get away with murder, unquestioned.

  31. I live in Florida and have a CWP. Nothing will happen to the guy. He civilly and lawfully did the correct action. I believe this would be considered aggravated battery-forcible felony. pretty sure State Attorney would not have a case and I can’t see a attorney taking the case against him. But dude if you’re reading this, reach out to the NRA and see if they will help you with legal protection, just in case.

  32. Well, I guess the National Media will nor cover this at all. No cable network has picked it up as well. I guess they do not want to promote anyone supporting the POLICE is any fashion. How sad that our own Media is disgustingly so BIASED !!!!

  33. TJ (Professional)
    The comments I have read are very disturbing to me. Many of you do not even know the underlying circumstances that surround this terrible tragedy. The aggressor no question had serious mental issues, and probably was or was not on his (meds). When an individual’s mind short circuits the gloves come off, meaning anyone who is in close proximity can become a target or victim (Police Officer). This is not to say that the aggressor was right to attack the officer or that the citizen with the firearm was wrong in his actions. The perpetrator was mentally disturbed and there was no way that the officer or the witness would have known this. All you could see was one man beating on another. Rage became the enemy here.
    This is not racial; you have two victims here, one who should not have been behind the wheel of an automobile and one who was just doing his job as a police officer. Please stop making it sound that way. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness, and believe me mental illness does not discriminate. In closing I must say that I handle a gun very well. An individual who can shoot a gun with accuracy can shoot that gun without killing. The objective is to stop the attacker. I could have done this without firing off (3) rounds. Also, a stun gun could have been used as well if accessible, this would have been even better. The only weapon the man had who was beating the officer was his fists.
    Yes, I thank God that the officer is ok with minor injuries. The aggressor from what I have learned was a very troubled individual that needed medical help; so let us not look at this terrible incident as racial (black/white) because it is not, but let us look at it with sadness. Just think about the family who will never see their father or husband again. This could have happened to each one of you. Early help for strothers may have prevented this incident from happening and a life could have been possibly saved.

    • OMFG, did you REALLY just say “he probably WAS or WAS NOT on his meds?” Wow, how did you ever figure that one out????? I mean, “he probably WAS OR WAS NOT on his meds”, how did you ever narrow it down to “probably was or was not”?????? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one……..freakin’ genius.

  34. How about stop taking photos/videos and help the help the officer. Just imagine if a few on lookers stood up for JUSTICE and for those who would say, the officer was in the wrong (by whatever measure) the time to argue that point is in the after math and in COURT.

  35. COMMEND ANYONE WHO TRIES TO HELP SOMEONE WHO IS BEING ATTACKED. THAT OFFICER COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED. HOW DID THEY KNOW HE HAD NO GUN, HIS FISTS CAN BE JUST AS DEADLY! It does not matter what color the people are. If a person is doing wrong he should be dealt with it accordingly. Right is right and wrong is wrong!!! These lawyers try to pick it, and I mean to the last degree, whether it be for their notoriety or their pocket. WHERE HAS COMMON DESCENCY GONE TO???? Do people not have any care about them anymore. Or have parents quit trying to teach children YOU OBEY THE RULES NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

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