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BREAKING: 6 police officers shot; one officer, one suspect dead in multiple Friday night shootings


Officials with three separate departments are confirming that four police officers in Florida and 2 Pennsylvania State Troopers have been shot tonight.

Two Kissimmee police officers were shot and one killed today, according to the Associated Press. The shooting is being described as an ambush on the officers as they were investigating suspicious persons in the area.

Less than two hours later, two Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers were also shot. The JSO is now asking the public for prayers for the wounded deputies as their condition appears grave.

As of this writing one person is in custody for the fatal shooting of the two Kissimmee officers.

And on one of the bloodiest nights for law enforcement in the recent past, two Pennsylvania State Troopers have been shot. One suspect in that shooting is deceased. One trooper was airlifted for emergency care and the other was sent to a nearby hospital.

This is a developing story and we will have more information as it is released.

If you know someone in law enforcement, give them a hug tonight.

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  1. Sorry to hear of the multiple Shootings of Police Officers and State Troopers. Our Prayers are with the Family’s and those shot.

  2. This is so sad our country has no respect for a life or the law, we need to fix this problem fast we need to send back the ones that don’t belong here, there the troubled one Stop letting criminals in our country.


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