Home News Bratton infuriated over NYPD boss spending $60K on dance studio for cops

Bratton infuriated over NYPD boss spending $60K on dance studio for cops

Michael Juilan.  Image Credit: YouTube
Michael Juilan. Image Credit: YouTube

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is infuriated with Deputy Commissioner of Personnel Michael Julian for spending $60,000 on a Zumba dance studio for police officers.

According to the New York Post, Julian lost his post in charge of training earlier this year for attempting to arm officers with baby oil to manage protesters and breath mints to clean up their foul language. The dance studio was just the latest of crazy ideas by the deputy commissioner.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
A Zumba Dance Class.  Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Julian used the $60,000 to renovate an old printing room at police headquarters into a Zumba dance studio. He had workers install workout mats and flat-screen televisions as part of the equipment. So happy was he of his project, he gave Bratton a personal tour of the room.

Sources said Bratton blew up, yelling, “That’s not what I wanted!” He proceeded to order the equipment removed and had the room locked up. The next day the “Printing Section” sign remained and no one was seen using the room. It is unclear what will happen to the Zumba equipment.

Julian’s farfetched suggestions and ideas led to his removal from the deputy commission of training position.

The New York Post reported that in January Julian suggested arming police officers with breath mints to combat cursing and had 10,000 individually wrapped candies delivered to headquarters. He added that potty-mouthed cops could pop a mint in their mouth if they felt the urge to curse. The mint were never used.

Another odd suggestion made by Julian was the use of baby oil against protesters who linked arms. He said spraying them would cause them to slide apart. This idea was also disregarded.

NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis had not responded to requests for comment

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