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Boy spends birthday money on bulletproof vest for police K9


Typically, a birthday wish for a 4th grader, involves some sort of electronic gadget or trendy toy. But for St. Paul resident Ethan Flint, it was something entirely different, and very thoughtful.

Flint asked family and friends for money for his birthday – to give to a very special cause dear to his heart.

Ethan’s mom said they wanted to give back to a cause he believed in, on his birthday. So, inspired by his love of dogs, Ethan said instead of receiving gifts this year, he decided to give to the local police K9 Foundation instead.

Just like their human partners, police K9’s can wear custom vests to protect them from bullets or stabbings.

“This kid has a heart of gold,” St. Paul Police Spokesman Sgt. John Linssen told KSTP News. “It’s pretty outstanding for a nine-year old to think of something like that,” Linssen said.

The K9 vest is a lot like the one that protects officers.  It’s custom-fitted and costs about $2,600.

But thanks to Ethan’s homemade check– for almost $1,300 –the department will save a huge chunk of that expense.

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