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Boston Police Officer injured on slide used his personal health insurance for injuries

Screenshot from the video below

A Boston Police officer survived a near-death experience while falling down a children’s slide, only to become a viral social media sensation.

The officer, who is now the subject of a viral video, could be seen sliding feet first on his belly down the slide.

The lawman then flopped onto the hard rubber matting below the slide, shooting “Oh, F***” as he tried to get to his feet from his daze.

Since then, the officer has been subject to commentary by social media users.

“Why’d he slide out like an ice cube from a refrigerator?” one user wrote.

“You gotta quit the force now. You’re on the internet forever coming down a slide like a f–king can of Diet Coke out of a vender machine? How do you set foot in the precinct?” another chimed in.

It is unknown as to what the officer was doing on the slide, which was designed for children aged 5 to 12.

The mishap reportedly did not impact the city in any financial way.

“He was hurt and used his own personal medical insurance to be treated,” Sergeant Detective John Boyle said. “He lost no time and has returned to work.”

The giant slide, which is part of a new renovation to City Hall, has been popular among young Bostonians.

According to the New York Post, the officer is not the first casualty of the slide— another adult became a viral TikTok sensation after she suffered injuries going down the slide as well.

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