Home News Border Patrol website lists places immigration laws not enforced, including protests

Border Patrol website lists places immigration laws not enforced, including protests

The U.S. border fence near EL PASO
The U.S. border fence near EL PASO

Those wishing to enter the country illegally can now learn how to evade the Border Patrol- by going to the agency’s website.

Information on where Border Patrol agents cannot go can be found on the CBP website, outlining that sanctuary from enforcement can often be found in places such as schools, hospitals and protests. Interestingly enough, CBP agents can only take action in such areas with a supervisor’s approval or in an extreme emergency.

According to Fox News, critics of the current administration’s approach to border protection say the tactics have been putting unfair restrictions on CBP agents and subsequently places their lives at risk.

“This administration has systematically and maliciously attacked and deconstructed all phases of border enforcement,” said Dan Stein, president of Federation for American Immigration Reform. “It’s to the point now where virtually nobody has to go home. ICE is no longer carrying out its core mission, of finding, identifying and removing illegal aliens from the country.”

Jessica Vaughan -director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies- says that telling lawbreaking illegals where they can seek refuge from the law makes zero sense.

“It’s schizophrenic,” Vaughan said. “What the Obama administration has done is to create sanctuaries for illegal aliens and to publicize them. That is fine for a social welfare agency, but not for a law enforcement agency. No law enforcement agency would ever want to broadcast where lawbreakers can go to be shielded from the consequences of their actions.”

Despite the sanctuary policy, the website states that places directly on the border don’t count, though agents dealing with suspected illegals in such a location are  “are expected to exercise sound judgment and common sense while taking appropriate action, consistent with the goals of this policy.”


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