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Border Patrol follows US Army, looking for 9mm sidearm in $85 million contract


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The Department of Homeland Security’s US Customs and Border Protection agency are falling in line with the national push to reissue 9mm sidearms to law enforcement agencies, this time with a gargantuan endgame solicitation spanning ten years and totaling as much as $85 million.

The agency released a solicitation earlier this month for firearms manufacturers, listing a specific requirement for what exactly they will be looking for in terms of their officers’ next 9mm service weapon.

According to solicitation documents, CBP is looking for a striker-fired sidearm family that meets the top three configurations (full size, compact, subcompact), each pistol with a trigger pull of no less than 4.5 lbs and no more than 8lbs. In addition to these specifications, the larger handguns should be “optics-ready,” or able to facilitate a red dot sight on top.

The handgun components should be pre-polished and coated to deal with corrosion, have front and rear slide serrations, be equipped with Trijicon (or equal) sights and preferably not require the trigger be pulled in order to disassemble the pistol (though models that do will be considered).

Lastly, each handgun should be equipped with proportionate magazine sizes ( at least 16 for full-size, at least 14 for compact and at least 10 for subcompact), with three magazines per sidearm, backstraps and a plastic case to put it all in.

With the US Army adopting the Sig Sauer P320 in January of last year (which curiously meets all of the requirements in the solicitation, right down to disassembly), many firearms experts are putting their money on Sig winning the contract. However, with capable companies such as Glock, Beretta, CZ-USA, Walther and others in the mix, there is no way to predict -with absolute certainty, anyway- who will win.

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