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Border patrol confiscates 83 lbs of meth after fight with suspects


David Rasbach
The Bellingham Herald

The U.S. Border Patrol recovered two backpacks containing 83 pounds of methamphetamine Thursday night after an agent fought with two people who crossed the U.S.-Canada border illegally east of the Sumas Port of Entry. The drugs have an estimated value of nearly $800,000.

According to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection release, Border Patrol agents saw multiple people illegally cross the border on Thursday, and an agent responded to find two with large backpacks.

One of the subjects assaulted the agent by striking him in the chest, sparking a fight, the release said. Both people fled and returned to Canada, leaving behind the backpacks. The U.S. Border Patrol agent was uninjured in the fight.

The substance found inside the backpacks later tested positive for methamphetamine, U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesperson Jason Givens told The Bellingham Herald in an email Monday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and police in Abbotsford, B.C., were notified of the incident, and Abottsford police later informed Border Patrol that they had apprehended a man and a juvenile following a car wreck a few blocks away, the release said. They also reportedly had two large backpacks containing suspected methamphetamine.

The Abbotsford Police obtained a search warrant for the vehicle over the weekend, Sgt. Judy Bird told The Bellingham Herald in an interview Monday, but that the investigation was still ongoing and the substance that was found in Canada was still being tested. Bird said no other details will be being released during the investigation.

“This incident is an example of the threats and risks faced by United States Border Patrol agents as they work to secure the border,” Acting Chief Patrol Agent Chris Bippley said in the release. “The arrests and significant seizure of suspected narcotics also highlights the exceptional relationship between the United States Border Patrol and Canadian law enforcement partners.”


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