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Border Patrol agents: Infectious diseases crossing borders regularly with little-to-no quarantine


US Border Patrol agents are claiming they encounter a myriad of infectious diseases from illegals crossing the border, including tuberculosis and chickenpox.

According to Infowars, Border Patrol agent and vice president of the National Border Patrol Council 3307 Chris Cabrera said that tuberculosis is especially common, with little being done to improve  quarantine detainment areas- where sick illegals are often separated by little more than a yellow strip of caution tape.

“We see tuberculosis pretty regularly. Scabies – more often than not we have large amounts of infectious diseases as far as scabies go,” Cabrera stated. “And the interesting part with that is it’s not actually seen on the body during the infectious period. And so these people clear through our system and then they go into the rest of the country with that disease. We see a lot of measles, a lot of chickenpox a lot of unidentified illnesses, a lot of lung infections that we don’t even know what we have no idea what they are.”

In 2014, Cabrera claimed that detainment facilities were sorely lacking in medical resources, particularly how diseased illegals were cordoned by a mere strip of tape.

“We do still have the yellow tape,” Cabrera remarked. “Sometimes they use a red tape – I don’t know if there’s any significance there. We do have nurses and doctors on staff that are there but as far as a quarantine facility or an actual method of treating, or really quarantining these people so it doesn’t spread, we don’t have that.”

Cabrera said that the Border Patrol needs more staff and to be able to enforce existing border laws, which have been hampered by the “catch and release” policy that has been forced upon the CBP.

“The most important thing is there needs to be a mandatory detention, mandatory removal,” Cabrera said. “That would slow down the process of people coming through here. And the sad fact of it is so many people are coming and so many people are not making it. We’re starting to see children 2, 3, 4 years old abandoned on the river bank by themselves. We’ve seen children under ten years old die of exhaustion on the river bank.”


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