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‘Bombs in the streets’ and ‘gunshots to your police;’ Journal of NY bomber released


The bloody book carried found on New York/ New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami showed at least three names affiliated with the Islamic State- but federal investigators have only listed one of the aforementioned names in the criminal complaints charging him on Tuesday.

Upon the recovery of the journal, at least two pages of the book (which took a round during the shootout that resulted in Rahimi’s capture) mention late Muslim cleric and ISIS staple Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in a 2011 drone strike.


While federal investigators mentioned Al-Awlaki, they were silent on the mention of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the ISIS spokesman who was killed last month and called for lone-wolf attacks by his western followers. Rahami also mentioned Nidal Hassan and Usama bin Laden.

Awlaki has been tied to over 77 plots in the western world, despite his demise at the hands of a drone-fired missile in 2011.


Rahimi is suspected of planting bombs in NYC and parts of New Jersey, where federal authorities report at least 31 people were wounded after an explosion Saturday night.

The journal also included rantings about getting revenge on the US for killing muslims. In one passage, Rahami said “The sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets.”


The Afghan-born American also included mentions of pipe and pressure cooker bombs, saying “in the streets, they plan to run a mile.” The journal ended with the words “Death To Your OPPRESSION.”

Rahami, who remains hospitalized with gunshot wounds from the shootout with police outside a bar in Linden, NJ, also favorited several Islamic battle songs known as “nasheeds.” Rahami also ordered citric acid, ball bearings and electronic igniters on eBay, which is completely legal and widely available.


According to Fox News, it is uncertain if Rahimi has a lawyer, as a federal public defender informed a judge on Tuesday night that the suspect has not had legal counsel access since he was detained.

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