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Bodycam shows rescue effort after officer contacted fentanyl, overdoses

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A police officer in Florida is recovering after a deadly and unexpected overdose following exposure to fentanyl- and the event was covered on body camera.

Tavares Police Officer Courtney Bannick found drugs on a passenger during a traffic stop on Monday night.

“Whenever she saw it rolled up in a dollar bill, she noticed that. She just barely opened it and saw that it was narcotics. Closed it quickly,” TPD Officer C. Sullivan said.

While Bannick wore gloves to protect herself, the wind picked up and blew the fentanyl onto her.

“Next thing you know, she was trying to speak on the radio and you could hear in the radio traffic almost like she was choking,” Sullivan said.

Fortunately, Bannick’s fellow officers noticed the signs and quickly retrieved a dose of Naloxone to slow the effects of an overdose.

“It’s a blocker for 15 to 30 minutes. So it’s a small window where you wake up and you’re like, ‘OK, I’m fine,’ but you’re not. It’s a small window to get to the hospital and to get the care that you need,” Sullivan said.

Bannick could be seen on bodycam regaining consciousness, then falling back into an incapacitated state.

“That was the Narcan essentially ending its blockage and then [Bannick] overdosing again. So they administered a third Narcan,” Sullivan said.

Bannick was rushed to the ER and is expected to recover.

Officer Courtney Bannick – Facebook

“Officer Bannick really wants others to take away that this drug is dangerous. It’s dangerous for not only yourself but others around you. Something as simple as the wind could expose you and just like that, your life could end,” Sullivan said.

According to WESH, charges are being levied against the person who trafficked the fentanyl.


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