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Bodycam from the officer under investigation for shooting dog is released

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Lauren Hoffman
The Morning Journal, Lorain, Ohio

A Lorain police officer is under investigation following a shooting July 2 of a dog at the corner of Eighth Street and Oberlin Avenue.

Three and a half-year-old Dixie, a Labrador retriever mix, escaped from the house and the family was trying to retrieve her as the officer was driving past.

Around 1 p.m., Officer Elliot Palmer arrived to the corner of Eighth Street and Oberlin Avenue following up a previous call about a dog bite.

Brittany Kaspirek, daughter of dog owner Tammie Kerns, said Dixie had gotten out and the officer called her toward him.

Kaspirek said that while the officer was about 25 feet away, he pulled out his gun and shot the dog once in the leg.

As she began trying to run away, the officer shot the dog three more times on the sidewalk, the woman said.

The dog died on the sidewalk.

The Lorain Police Department officials confirmed the shooting but said they have no comments at this time as they are reviewing the case.

“We are anticipating taking some time to make sure we have the facts of the case and accuracy before we inform the public,” said Lorain police Lt. Jacob Morris. “It is our mission to have transparency on what has happened, but we still want to make sure we have the facts straight.”

The family said they support the investigation, and they want the officer responsible for the shooting punished because it was a direct violation of Goddard’s Law, which says that a person made knowingly causing serious physical harm, including physical harm that carries an unnecessary or unjustifiable substantial risk of death, to a companion animal a fifth-degree felony.

A video following the shooting has been shared on Facebook where it has been viewed over 7,000 times since July 2.

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