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Bodycam disputes family’s accusation that police didn’t do enough to save man


The Castaneda family has been contending for longer than a month that the Miami Police Department didn’t do enough to save one of their family members after he was shot outside his shop in Little Havana.

The family says 64-year-old William Castaneda was shot and then put into handcuffs by police, but the newly released bodycam counters that narrative.

According to WPLG, Castaneda was ambushed and robbed at his Boost Mobile store. While trying to run out to safety, he was shot and injured.

Police arrived and cleared out the store and an officer came to check on Castaneda. Castaneda told the officer he was armed. The officer moved Castaneda’s arm behind his back and removed the weapon from him, but never put handcuffs on him. The officer then tried to seal the gunshot wound and even performed CPR until EMTs arrived at the scene.

The attorney for the Castaneda family says they have not watched the video, but says the officers still could have done more.

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  1. “…the officers still could have done more…”

    You mean like doing open heart surgery? Maybe doing a blood transfusion? How about doing a miracle and just bringing him back to life with a wave of a magic wand?
    What more could they have done? CPR is the only thing they could do. That is the ultimate attempt to preserve life that a non doctor can do to keep someone alive, and it doesn’t work all the time the way it does in the movies; not even when it’s performed by a doctor in a hospital. WHAT MORE DO THEY THINK THE POLICE COULD DO??


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