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Bodybuilder stabs, beats girlfriend into coma, but would be a difficult case for prosecutors without video


A Michigan bodybuilder attacked his girlfriend- and the entire incident was captured on security cameras from within the home.

The kicker? The girlfriend who was beaten, kicked, burned and stabbed into a coma attended his arraignment, claiming it was her fault and that charges should be dropped.

35-year-old Paul Bashi was seen brutalizing his girlfriend on a living room security camera after seeing something on her phone that upset him.

“He, is in fact, looking through her phone,” said Pam Mclean, a Macomb County prosecutor investigator, in an interview with FOX2. “You will see where he is looking at her phone and then Christina comes through the front door.”

As the girlfriend -identified only as Christina- came into the house, he began attacking her for over forty minutes, using everything from feet to knives, workout powder and a wooden chair.

On multiple occasions, Bashi would wash knives before using them again.

The attack sent Christina into a coma, and Bashi was arrested after neighbors found her bloody and unresponsive body on the porch.

Macomb County Sheriff Deputies arrested Bashi, finding a human growth hormone, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and cocaine in the home during their sweep.

A known criminal since at least 2010, Bashi was previously convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and spent 5 months on probation.

Now, the bodybuilder is is locked up on $5 million bond, accused of assault with intent to murder.

During his arraignment, however, Christina took the stand in his defense.

“She told the judge she wanted the defendant out of jail, and told the judge that it was her fault this happened,” Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said.

According to Smith, such an unbelievable event happens quite frequently in similar cases.

“Our office handles about 2,500 domestic violence cases a year,” he said. “Of those cases 60 percent of the victims either recant their story or don’t show up to the court at all. The defendant puts pressure on the victim to dismiss the charges.

However, Bashi won’t be getting off so easily.

“We are the only ones that can dismiss the charges,” Smith said. “We don’t do it.”

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