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Body camera video released of NYPD officer-involved shooting of man with knives


Police body camera footage of a suicide call gone awry has surfaced in NYC, with a knife-wielding man living to offend another day after he was shot in the leg during an alleged “suicide by cop” attempt.

27-year-old Harlemite man Paris Cummings was met by two officers who were responding to a call regarding Cummings’ suicidal intent on October 22. The officers are reportedly trained with crisis intervention and were armed with a Taser at the time.

Armed with two kitchen knives, Cummings had stabbed himself in the stomach and neck prior to being told to drop his weapons. Charging the officers in a crowded space, the officer then began back peddling before firing his weapon, striking Cumming in the leg.

It is unknown if NYPD Officer Alvine Pizarro, an 11-year veteran deliberately shot the man in the leg or was simply squeezing off a round as he tried to flee the danger zone. Given that NYPD-issued pistols are equipped with an obscenely stiff 12-pound trigger, reportedly an attempt by higher-ups to prevent negligent discharges.

Pizarro’s partner, Gino Guerra, was less than 10 months on the force at the time of the incident.

The third officer-involved shooting the NYPD has caught on webcam this year, the incident is the second time body cam footage for such an incident has been made public.

According to the New York Daily News, Cummings has since been treated for his wounds and has been indicted on attempted murder charges.

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