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Body cam vindicates officer after accusations from firefighters during traffic stop


Police dash cam and body cam video has vindicated a Stone Mountain, GA cop who was accused of being hostile, cussing, and threatening a witness – during a traffic stop.

The whole thing started off very routine.

Sgt. Stephen Floyd spotted an expired tag on a car, while on patrol in DeKalb County. The driver – a captain with the county’s fire and rescue department – pulled over into a nearby parking lot and Sgt. Floyd approached the car.

Immediately, Capt. Terrell Davis said to the officer : “Do I need to call my chief or supervisor, your chief or Dr. Alexander,” referring to the DeKalb County Public Safety director.

After the officer writes a ticket he starts to make his way back to the car. That’s when he sees Krystal Cathcart, another DeKalb Fire and Rescue employee. She came to see what was happening and also started name-dropping.

In a complaint she later filed with the dept., Cathcart stated that she was traumatized by the officer’s behavior. He cussed her out, she said, and “created a sense of fear at the scene” by saying he’d throw her in the back of his squad car.”

Captain Terrell Davis backed up her written complaint saying Sgt. Floyd was “unprofessional, belligerent and disrespectful.”

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An attorney looked at the case for FOX 5 and said the complaint could be potentially damaging to the officer’s reputation and career. The video clearly shows that Cathcart was asked to step away from the scene, and that the officer was following normal procedures. The lawyer said it’s standard that cops don’t want people close to them while conducting an investigation, for safety reasons.

After watching the video back, Cathcart changed her story and said she “recanted the error of Sgt. Floyd using profanity.”

She and Davis were found to be “less than truthful” in their recorded statements and it was clear that they’d filed a false report, which is a crime.

The fire chief didn’t have much more to say about the case, although he did release a statement saying ” if  any other information arises and warrants further attention he will be happy to look into it further.”

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  1. I want all you peoples do wonder what would have happened if this policeman was white ??? Some people should be slapped, the man driving is name dropping like he some criminal. The woman that showed up did the same like they know the man or something. They should be suspended and the policeman be commended on how he handle this.


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