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Body cam video released shows officer ambushed, shot at point blank range


The Los Angeles Police Department has released surveillance and body cam footage of a point-blank shootout between a LAPD officer and an armed suspect.

The incident took place along Long Beach Avenue on April 20, when LAPD officers pulled over a vehicle that ran a stop sign.

The driver of the vehicle got out and ran away, leading police on a foot chase through the Pueblo Del Rio housing projects.

While there, an officer took incoming fire from 39-year-old Curley Duff, who casually ambushed an officer with a sidearm he pulled from his waistband.

The second officer in the foot chase -identified as Officer Enrique Trujillo- was wounded in the initial moments of the ambush but returned fire, incapacitating Duff.

“I’m hit bro,” Trujillo told his partner. “In my leg.”

Trujillo was taken to the hospital via a black-and-white, while Duff was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

According to ABC7, Duff has a lengthy rap sheet and is now facing a charge of attempted murder of a police officer.

Trujillo is currently recovering at home.

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