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Body cam video leaked of Colorado sorority girl’s arrest that went viral; not getting reaction defense lawyer wanted


Police in the Colorado city of Fort Collins are unhappy after body camera footage related to an ongoing case was leaked to a Denver TV station- in a supposed effort “to influence public opinion.”

However, the footage -which was released by a suspect’s lawyer- may actually help sway public opinion back into the favor of the police.

FCPD Interim Chief Terry Jones said the footage is of the arrest of Michaella Surat, who was forced to the ground after becoming belligerent and striking a police officers who was attempting to get her under control.

The seven-minute video shows police attempting to ascertain a situation they were called into, regarding rowdy behaviour at a local bar. When the male suspect involved attempted to leave with Surat, the police said the suspect was not free to go and told Surat to disperse.

Becoming belligerent, Surat began swearing at the officers involved and even made threatening gestures, pulling away and swatting at them with her hands.

FInally, enough was enough when she repeatedly struck the lawman and spit in his face- something that many believe they can see and hear on the footage. Now well past the point of no return, Surat was thrown to the ground in what Fort Collins PD asserts is normal procedure.

While the incident happened in the Spring of 2017, the case is ongoing and public opinion has generally been negative towards Fort Collins PD- at least, that is, until this video footage came out.

According to the Coloradoan, previous footage released prior to the leak had only shown small snippets, which only told a small fraction of the story.

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  1. Guess she doesn’t KNOW right from wrong if she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. Hope she gets a judge that will help her to open her eyes. Wonder if her parents are proud of her foul mouth? Wonder also if future employers will think twice before getting tangled up with her.

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