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Body cam shows teen suspect pull gun on officers before fatal OIS


Body camera footage from an officer-involved shooting in Texas has been released, giving insight into the killing of teen Detravian Allison by a Longview Police officer.

The footage, which was recently released by the department, shows the less-than-friendly behavior of Allison as he interacted with LPD Officer Jason Kelly.

Kelly, who had approached Allison’s red Dodge as Allison exited the vehicle with a handgun, ordered the suspect to get on the ground.

“Get on the ground now,” he ordered, pointing his handgun at Allison.

Unwilling to surrender, Allison pointed his handgun at Kelly, forcing Kelly to open fire, with Officer John Collier also firing upon Allison.

According to CBS 19, approximately five shots were fired, and Allison was hit four times.

“52 Longview: Shots fired,” Kelly radioed in. “Shots fired. One down. Point.”

Kelly then cuffed Allison for safety and encouraged the suspect to continue trying to breathe. Donning protective gloves, Kelly then began evaluating Allison’s wounds.

As paramedics arrived, the two officers involved in the shooting were led to the shade of a nearby tree, where they were ordered to stay put.

Allison did not survive the incident.

The shooting took place on August 7, and at the time of the shooting, Allison had not yet graduated from high school.

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