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Body cam shows Supercross star Tyler Evans commit suicide in front of police station


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Body camera footage has just been released of the September 15th incident where domestic violence suspect Tyler Evans, a Supercross star, committed suicide in front of LAPD’s Rampart Community Police Station.

Evans was the suspect in a domestic violence incident and had followed a female victim to the police station. When she arrived she told staff that Evans was outside and armed with a gun.

Officers attempted to bring Evans into custody, at one point firing a 40mm bean bag round at him but he would not cooperate. As officers continued to issue commands to Evans, he reached into his belt or pocket, retrieved a handgun and fatally shot himself in the head.

The incident remains under investigation.

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  1. Typical LEO clusterf*ck. Everyone yelling commands, screaming at the guy. The one officer tried to control it but wound up just yelling his own commands. It doesn’t matter how much we train, it almost always breaks down like this with everyone yelling commands. And then shooting him with a bean bag round at 25-30 yards (just outside of the very end of the effective range). Yeah it hurt a bit but it didn’t have any real effect other than signaling to Tyler that more violence was to come. We’ll never know what would have happened if someone had used a calm voice and gave clear commands while another officer covered with a drawn weapon. Instead he’s dead as a result of all that chaos.

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