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Body cam proves Oklahoma councilman’s wife lied about assault by officers


Achille councilman Bryan Baker’s wife Ashley says her husband was assaulted by police officers. The department just released body cam video of that arrest that contradicts her claim.

According to KXII, the officers were there executing a search warrant.

Ashley Baker has a prior felony drug conviction and is not allowed to possess a firearm. Police were there searching for a pistol she owned after they received a tip from a concerned citizen.

In the video, you can hear Bryan Baker yell for the police chief.

Ashley Baker recorded her own video while holding her child. She claimed her husband was roughed up and had to be treated at the hospital. She even gave an on-camera interview about the incident.

The new body cam video from police shows her story is false.

Officers eventually found the weapon inside a barn on the Baker’s property and arrested Ashley Baker for unlawful possession. She was eventually released but has charges pending.

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  1. You guys are so full of shit..he was assaulted, and the gun was found in the neighbor’s barn….you trieste frame him…bad Leo’s get good cops killed.

  2. There is nothing you can say or show that can possibly justify the behavior of those morons in police uniforms. It’s time to leave the cave age behind, “Bible Belt”, and start catching up with the civilization.

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