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Body Cam footage shows Tennessee officer shot by rapist Floyd Cook


Body Cam footage of a middle Tennessee police officer being shot has been released, depicting harrowing footage of an encounter no officer wants to endure.

Last October, Algood Police Officer Ahscari Valencia stepped out of his patrol car, attempting to talk with with a suspicious person parked in a pickup outside of a storage facility.

Unfortunately for Valencia, the driver of the truck was felon and career criminal Floyd Ray Cook, who was wanted on drug charges at the time.

As Valencia approached the pickup, he noticed that Cook -who gave a false name when questioned- was behaving strangely. Before Valencia could even finish asking why Cook’s vehicle was not in “park”, Cook opened fire produced a handgun and pointed it at Valencia. Raising his hands to protect himself, Valencia shuddered at Cook opened fire.

Hit in his ballistic vest, confused and adrenal glands in overdrive, Valencia screamed out as he tried to regain his balance and get to safety as Cook fired a total of seven shots before fleeing.

Valencia gave an “officer down/shots fired” call over the radio, and was eventually supported by police and medical personnel. Cook fled, initiating a massive manhunt which ultimately led to his death when he attempted a shootout with police in Kentucky.

Algood Chief Gary Harris had nothing but praise for Valencia, who some have criticized for not returning fire or even drawing his weapon.

“He did a fantastic job”, Harris said. ”

Harris says that the current anti-police culture likely played a big role in how the situation unfolded.

“It is hard to put into words”, Harris remarked. “In our current state of affairs, our police officers are being judged. When something happens, the news posts a kindergarten photo of the perpetrator. The good guys are suddenly the bad guys.”

Harris quietly continued to say that the number of applications for employment in his department have fallen as well, likely due to anti-police sentiment.

“In my 30 years on the job, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Officer Valencia left the Algood Police Department, though he is reported to be working in law Enforcement elsewhere.


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