Home News Body cam footage shows police in Cleveland targeted in drive-by shooting

Body cam footage shows police in Cleveland targeted in drive-by shooting


Body camera footage out of Cleveland from an April incident shows a terrifying moment when police officers found themselves the victim of a drive-by shooting.

Cleveland Police were following up on a late-night report of gunshots fired into a house, prompting a grandmother to take cover while she was watching her grandchildren.

Cooperating with police, local residents reported seeing a gray van come through the area with a quickness at the time of the shooting.

As officers were finishing up their investigation, a gray van rolled through the area once again, firing wildly and sending everyone running for cover as officers screamed “shots fired!” into the radio.

Police immediately took chase but it is unknown if they ever caught up with the suspects.

“A small arms analyst who had seen the video believes that the caliber used in the incident was 7.62x39mm, likely shot from an AK-pattern pistol.”

According to The Indy Channel, no one was injured in the shooting.

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