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Body cam footage shows OIS of woman armed with an axe and baseball bat

Screenshot from video below

Nashville’s Metropolitan Police released body camera footage, this time after a woman in Goodlettsville attempted suicide-by-cop.

Wielding a bat and a pick axe, Melissa Wooden called 911 and told dispatchers she wanted police or SWAT to kill her. 

When Metro PD arrived on scene,  Wooden was less than cooperative.

“Melissa what’s going on?,” one officer asked her.

“I’m not talking to anyone!” Wooden shouted.

Wooden repeatedly insinuated the lawmen were there to dispatch her, despite officers insisting that they were there to help. 

“We have established this,” one officer told her. “No one here is going to hurt you. Look in my eyes and see that I’m telling the truth.”

According to WKRN, Wooden’s mother then approached the officers.

“She’s mentally ill,” she told them.

Wooden became more aggressive as the situation unfolded, and when a taser failed to work,  she was brought down using lethal force.

Wooden is expected to survive,  and the officers have been placed on administrative assignment while an investigation is conducted. 

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