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Body cam footage shows NAACP president was lying about traffic stop interaction, racial profiling


The president of a local NAACP chapter in South Carolina is eating crow after body camera footage debunked his claims of racial profiling.

Last month, Timmonsville NAACP President JJ Moultrie went to Facebook, claiming he was racially profiled by TPD.


Moultrie added that the officer questioned him in a menacing manner: “I am stopped you cause you fail to put on a turn signal and do you have any drugs in the car.”

While Moultrie deleted his Facebook post, TPD managed to snapshot a copy before it came down- adding a body camera video and posting it to social media for all the world to see.

Moultrie had come in contact with Officer Chris Miles, who was cordial during his traffic stop.

“Hey how are you?” Miles asked before introducing himself as the tape rolled. “I’m officer Miles with the Timmonsville police department. Got your license, registration and proof of insurance on you?”

Moultrie claimed the officer scoffed at his claims of being a pastor, accusing Miles of saying “And I guess I’m Bill Gates.”

The body camera footage quickly exposed Moultrie as a teller of tall tales.

Miles: “Alright, the reason I am coming in contact with you is whenever you took the left right there you didn’t signal. That’s the only reason why I am coming in contact with you, okay? Sit tight for me, okay?”

Upon noticing a discrepancy, Miles advised that Moultrie not drive the Mercedes until he gets proper documentation, as the registration came back as a GMC truck instead.

Miles: “What I am saying is you have to make sure you have the proper registration to indicate that plate comes back to this motor vehicle, okay?”

Moultrie: “Okay, I understand, but look, I just bought the car the other day. I switched the tags.”

Miles: “Well then you need to go to the DMV and ask how come it’s not registered in the state of state of South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. It is still coming back to the truck.”

Moultrie: “I understand that, but this is what I am telling you. I switched the tags from the truck to the car. They told me at DMV the dealer put that on there and told me it would be transferred. All I need to do is keep the registration in there.”

Miles: “They told you wrong. You have to have the proper documentation in your motor vehicle that actually matches the car you are driving on South Carolina highways. They told you wrong, okay?”

Moultrie: “Alright.”

After that, the Miles politely sent Moultrie on his way.

“Alright, other than that here’s your driver’s license,” Miles said. “Make sure you wear your seat belt when you’re driving on South Carolina highways and drive safe.”

According to WMBF, TPD Chief Billy Brown said Moultrie’s claims were terribly convincing- until the chief reviewed the body camera footage.

SC State NAACP Chapter President Dr. Lonnie Randolph has yet to comment on the matter of Moultrie’s dishonesty and attempt at race-baiting.

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  1. I wonder what Freud would say about this man? Is he just a Pathological Liar, Does he want to start a Race War, if so for what reason? AND how many people will believe what this man has LIED about? ALL of the blacks, liberals & progressives will though as if it were the God’s truth.


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