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Body cam footage shows moment driver intentionally crashes her SUV into police cruiser


Police in Ohio say a driver intentionally slammed her SUV into a police cruiser earlier this month because she wanted to die.

Body cam video of the incident was just released by the Norton Police Dept.

It shows the terrifying scene as the woman barrels into Norton police officer Ryan Connell as he’s writing a ticket inside his cruiser.

Screen shot from video.
Connell’s body camera captured the scene as his vehicle was struck and the chaos ensued. Screen shot from video.

The woman slammed into the patrol car’s driver side and also struck another vehicle belonging to the person Connell was arresting at the time, along I-76.

Screen shot from video.
Connell says he is grateful there was no one in the vehicle of the car he pulled over because they would be telling a completely different story if that was the case. Screen shot from video.

A fellow officer witnessed the whole thing around 3:30 am on Dec 10 in the westbound shoulder of the interstate, News 5 reported.

The female driver was apparently suicidal and taken to a local facility to be evaluated. She’s facing a long list of charges, police say.

Screen shot from video.
A female driver wanting to die said she had to drive her SUV into the police cruiser. It is estimated that she was going 80 miles per hour when she plowed into the side of Connell’s vehicle. Screen shot from video.

Connell says he’s lucky to be alive. “I had a guardian angel with me at the time,” he told the local station.

Screen shot from video.
It took over five minutes for a second officer to rescue Connell from his police cruiser through the passenger side door. Screen shot from video.

Amazingly Connell was not seriously injured in the wreck and neither was the man sitting in his back seat at the time. That man’s SUV was totaled.

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