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Body cam footage released showing officer shoot woman armed with a screwdriver in the legs


A cool-operating Utah lawman was forced to shoot a woman in the legs after she effectively held another man hostage with a screwdriver.

Enoch City Police Corporal Jeremy Dunn was one of the backup officers arriving to a peculiar scene outside of an Iron County T/A truck stop on June 28, where a foul-mouthed woman -identified as Ivonne Casimiro- had attempted to attack a police officer with a screwdriver.

A person of interest in a series of car robberies in the area, Casimiro was hostile towards the officers and reportedly made little sense when she talked. In later reports, officers would reveal that they believed she had a “God-complex,” noting that she believed herself to be invincible.

After repeatedly threatening the officers (as well as one of her fellow suspects) with the screwdriver, Casmiro was became more violent with each passing second and officers continued to attempt de-escalation.

Deploying a Taser, Dunn casually noted that it was not effective, as Casmiro pulled the barbs from her hooded sweatshirt.

With Casmiro pushing forward, Dunn fired a series of shots into her lower body, incapacitating her as unfazed cattle looked on.

Making the call for EMS, Dunn then subdued and cuffed Casmiro before applying a RATS tourniquet to her leg.

Upon searching Casmiro’s person, more weapons were discovered.

The Iron County Attorney’s Office ruled the use of force to be “unjustified,” but did not hit Dunn with any charges

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