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Body cam footage released of OIS after deputy hit with rifle while checking stranded motorist


What started as a Douglas County Deputy checking on what appeared to be a stranded motorist turned into a suspect being shot after attacking that deputy with a rifle.

The incident occurred last week near Douglas County and Littleton in Colorado.

“As he [the deputy] approached the vehicle, the occupant of the vehicle got out of the vehicle with a rifle and confronted the deputy,” said Cmdr. Trent Cooper with the Littleton Police Department.

“He was essentially attacked and felt his life was in danger and responded the way he was trained to do,” said Cooper.

The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas and the deputy as Brad Proulx, according to FOX 31 Denver.

“It certainly could have cost the deputy his life,” Littleton police Cmdr. Trent Cooper said after the shooting. “You know, it just goes to show how unpredictable, how the situations are where this deputy thought he was making a courtesy traffic stop and helping a motorist in need and a short time later, he’s involved in an officer-involved shooting.”

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  1. This is a great example. Any person could have stopped to help this person. But many people are not allowed to protect themselves, like the officer did. He carries a gun to protect himself. He claims he uses a gun because he wants to go home after his shift. Doesnt everyone deserve to go home safe too? His life is no more important than others. Every single day regular people would love to protect themselves, like an officer, but are not allowed to. I’m glad this officer was not injured and I do thank him for his service. But he can’t be everywhere. TV show broadcast police in dangerous situations but common people face this every day,without a way to protect themselves.

    • If you’re not a felon, take the class, get a license, and carry a gun. Just be prepated to be held accountable for any and all decesions you make when in possession of it and quit whining!

  2. Steve,

    Very few people are prohibited from carrying concealed weapons, ex cons are one class. If you live in a state that prohibits carrying concealed, move


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