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Body cam clears officer of excessive force accusation in viral video, AR-15 found in car


The West Helena Police department in Arkansas has released body cam video showing the arrest of Edrick Truitt outside a gas station last week.

Truitt claimed to news outlets that he was being harassed by the officer making the arrest, and the officer pointed his firearm at him unprovoked.

Body cam video shows the officer approaching Truitt’s vehicle calmly and asking for Truitt’s ID and registration.

Truitt fails to comply and instead reaches for his phone to start recording. He then posted the video on Facebook and claimed the officer was using ‘excessive force.’

AR-15 style weapon found in the back of Truitt’s car

At that point, while shining his flashlight into the vehicle, the officer drew his weapon after he sees an AR-styled gun in Truitt’s backseat.

Truitt failed to mention to the officer he had a weapon nor did he make a mention of it in his viral social media post. In his social media post, he claims to be the victim of abuse despite Arkansas law requiring individuals carrying firearms to notify law enforcement.

The officer then tells Truitt to put the car into park and shut it off.

Truitt told the media he didn’t comply with the orders because he was afraid the officer would shoot him.


An Arkansas police officer was forced to draw his sidearm after a man refused to obey orders and antagonized law enforcement. That man is also now complaining to the media.

The West Helena Police are reviewing body camera footage from an incident that took place around 3 AM on Sunday when Edrick Truitt was found sitting in his vehicle outside a closed convenience store.

Approached by police -who told all present to clear the lot- Truitt began filming with his phone and refused to comply with police orders.

Soon, officers were asking Truitt to turn the vehicle engine off, drawing their sidearms as a precaution when Truitt began reaching around the console.

“Shut the car off,” one officer said.

Truitt kept filming, as the officer covered down on him, claiming the officer would shoot him if he tried to turn the vehicle off.

“Shoot me,” he said, “Shoot me.”

“I’m filming too,” the officer replied.

Truitt was arrested for loitering and disregarding an official order, and a firearm was found in his vehicle.

According to WREG, the officer involved has been getting threats and has been off-duty. His agency will be reviewing the video.

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  1. Cop is investigating, orders are giving to figure what’s going on. Those orders are Lawful Orders. Those cops are an extension of the court system and a Judge. These dumb ass people will learn one way or another……

  2. This officer did a great job! The young man was not complying and he was asking the officer to shoot him and trying to be a smart ass and make a viral video.

    • Stupid ass, you know damn well that cop would’ve fired the second he pulled his hands inside the car.

    • Comply with the officer order to shut the car off?
      Or less than 5 seconds later when the same officer said if he moved his hands he was going to shoot?

      Which of these two contradictory orders was he supposed to “comply” with?

      The same officer who told the driver that he left and came back then said he never left the parking lot.

  3. “he claims to be the victim of abuse despite Arkansas law requiring individuals carrying firearms to notify law enforcement.”
    That is only for concealed carry holders, not for people with rifles it so not have concealed carry.
    Also, he never asked for the license, insurance, and registration. He just said those words over and over again. He needs to use his words like a big boy if he wants something.

  4. yea he tells law enforcement he has a gun and then is shot because of it. fuck outta here. castille said he had a gun permit and had a gun. and was shot in front of his girl and kid because of broken tail light. smh

  5. LEO Affairs: As a conservative republican and a veteran of the United States military, I view this recount of that officers actions as grossly misleading and bordering on racist in nature. Loitering is in no situation a threat to an officer or cause for pointing your service weapon at a civilian. He drew his weapon after demanding license, registration and a single order to turn off the car. It is an officers duty to explain the detainment or arrest of a civilian. He also gave very contradictory orders that would require Truitt to reach out of view, after yelling gun when the LEGALLY POSSESSED FIREARM was in the back seat and out of reach. This man was presented with two options: obey and die or disobey and survive. Loitering is not a sentence punishable by death. Open carrying an AR-15 is not only constitutionally protected by the second amendment, Arkansas law allows open carry without a permit EVEN WHEN YOUR’E BLACK.
    Officer terry daughtery is a disgrace to the uniform and proved with his actions that he was out to kill himself a black man. This website echoes the fears of the black community and furthers the division between real law enforcement and the citizens with your white nationalist rhetoric and grossly inaccurate recount of the situation. LEOs are here to enforce the laws and constitution of our great nation. THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THOSE LAWS AND NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

  6. no, he was not cleared, he was fired the video shows. Officer overreacted and gave conflicting orders and screamed done when there was no gun in the person’s hand. He did not antagonize the cop, the cop unnecessarily escalating the situation. The officer is obviously a top funky and his bias is evident through the tone of the article.

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