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Bill Belichick, on behalf of team, expresses appreciation and support for Boston PD


The New England Patriots’ head coach took a few moments before beginning his Friday presser to express support for the Boston Police Dept.

In a short, but heartfelt message, Bill Belichick spoke on behalf of his team to express appreciation and support for the hardworking men and women in blue who serve them.

He wanted to acknowledge what they’ve been going through this past week and to tell the Dept. the team is behind them and there for them during these stressful and challenging times.

Two veteran officers were critically injured during a firefight Wednesday night after they responded to a domestic dispute call.  An East Boston resident had called police after his roommate allegedly threatened him with a knife over an issue with the thermostat.

The gunman, who was armed with a tactical shotgun and wearing a ballistic vest, opened fire on two officers. Authorities say countless cops showed up at the scene after a “ferocious firefight” and massive amounts of blood were shed. The suspect was shot and killed. The wounded officers were pulled to safety by their colleagues.

“I can imagine — I can’t imagine, but I can imagine — the stress that that department has to deal with. Their challenges every day and the difficulty of the situation that they’ve been put in,” Belichick said.

Both officers had to undergo surgery. One of the bullets severed an artery in Officer Matt Morris’s leg.  Police say his life was most likely saved by another officer who tied a tourniquet on it.  That officer had reportedly undergone training on how to properly tie a tourniquet just a week before, WCVB reports.

According to the local ABC station, the 33-year-old suspect was a former member of the US Army Reserve. He apparently only served 5 months, and did not attend basic training, due to a hardship discharge in 2003.


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