Berkeley police officer files complaint over conditions during protest


    An employee with University of California Berkeley Police Department reported that officers were forbidden from using student restrooms and endured “dehumanizing and bullying behavior.”

    The unnamed officer -who has been with the agency for a quarter of a century- said that presence of police in public areas was reportedly deemed “upsetting” to students during the 2017 appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos, which resulted in violent riots around the campus.

    Recounting the event in a document obtained by the Young America’s Foundation, the officer complained to UCB Chancellor Carol Christ of “offensive and unacceptable” conditions that alienated the men who put their lives on the line for the very university that mistreated them.

    “How can we foster a sense of community policing when the campus community, that we work hard to protect, has such disdain for us as fellow human beings that would deny us such a basic human function,” he wrote in the document, obtained by the YAF. “If we treated a member of the campus community in this way we would most certainly be held accountable and rightly so.”

    The letter, written in September of last year, complained of Christ’s conduct, which made them feel unappreciated.

    YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown told Fox News that the university is effectively training students to be hostile to police, rather than educating them in order to later enter the workforce.

    “Berkeley is treating its police officers as second-class citizens, giving preferential treatment again to the apparently-fragile students and disrespecting the very people who protect them from the likes of Antifa,” Brown said. “Not only has UC Berkeley disrespected its officers by putting them in harm’s way without allowing them to do their jobs via a stand-down order during campus protests, but they’ve now disgracefully told officers that they can’t use the same bathrooms as students.”

    Yiannopoulos wasn’t the only conservative visitor at UCB- last year, commentator and lawyer Ben Shapiro made an appearance as well.

    UCB spokesman Dan Mogulof confirmed the events described in the letter during a follow-up with Fox News.

    “Some students did express concern about uniformed officers using restrooms in the student center building, and the campus police department (UCPD) was made aware of their request,” Mogulof said. “While UCPD command staff understand that a police presence can be upsetting to some, they made clear that complying with the request would not be possible given the number of police presence on campus during the day in question.”

    The spokesman added that there was no intent to create anything other than “understanding” and that the university has “nothing but the deepest respect and appreciation for the law enforcement officers who work hard to keep out community safe.”

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