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‘Ben and Jerry’s’ website used to attack police with Black Lives Matter statement


No stranger to anti-police rhetoric and support of blatantly false narratives that paint law enforcement officers as racist thugs who spend their shifts cruising around looking for black people to kill, Ben and Jerry’s has found yet another way to further remove their company from reality.

Benjerry.com has posted a lengthy statement condemning law enforcement and telling all of us simple folks why we need to support Black Lives Matter.

They even go as far as to say that if you don’t support BLM, you actively support violence against African Americans.

“We’ve come to understand that to be silent about the violence and threats to the lives and well-being of Black people is to be complicit in that violence and those threats,” the statement reads.


Of course, this isn’t the first time they’ve raised the ire of those who believe we are a nation of laws and those laws do require enforcement. Back in January of 2015, founder Ben Cohen went on a crusade against America’s policemen and women and tried selling “hands up, don’t shoot” shirts in Ben and Jerry’s stores. We covered the story and it ammassed an impressive 62,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

To put this in perspective a bit, just this week, we’ve seen two officers shot and killed, one ambushed, and a police station in Indianapolis shot up (dozens of rounds fired). And it’s idiotic posts like the one to the Ben and Jerry’s website that just fuel the fire with false statements supporting a false narrative put forth by people who end up benefiting financially or politically from driving a race war, like CNN.

Without getting into more details of their post and factually disproving the various elements of it, suffice it to say it mirrors the agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement and states that we are inherently a racist country and it is particularly shown in our criminal justice system – which most of the people who reading this know is fundamentally untrue. But it’s an election year and race wars = ratings, so when an ice cream chain posts something like this, they are essentially unwitting tools of those who end up benefiting the most from this false narrative – media outlets and politicians.

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  1. Ben & Jerry’s is ” just an ice cream ” . There are many other brands. IF you think BLM is out of
    bounds & out of hand — like I do — NEVER buy Ben & Jerry’s and get your friends and family to
    promise not to buy it either. Take a page from the Democrats/ Activists playbook @!@

    • Amen. BJ pce cream is no better than Breyer’s and well behind Baskin-Robbins. They just make up those cutesy-pie names for their flavors and a certain breed of assholes who will pay a high premium for a product they consider in vogue will fall for it – just like they fall for the absolute racist rant of BLM’s seditious, murderous crap. Boycott BJ by all means.

  2. Well no more Ben and Jerry’s for me. I love Cherry Garcia. I’ll not support this type of idiots. ALL LIVES MATTER.!!!!!!

  3. This is another company which needs to be added to the “We don’t respond to this address” list and then park up either side of their offices and target their staff for a bit of stop and search – vehicle checks – sobriety checks. Once the staff are constantly late for work either B&J will retract their statement or their staff quit working there in order to prevent the extra aggravation = but then you guys are professionals

  4. Hi, this article title states that Ben & Jerry’s is attacking the police – could you explain this to me since you didn’t actually quote anything in the article from Ben & Jerry’s statement that was an attack on anyone?

    • Back in January of 2015, founder Ben Cohen went on a crusade against America’s policemen and women and tried selling “hands up, don’t shoot” shirts in Ben and Jerry’s stores.

  5. will NOT purchase any more Ben & Jerry;s products, have recommended this to all families and friends across the nation and in Europe/Asia where I have many family/friends, having been in military 26 + years there are a LOT of people I know and MOST come from police/military back grounds

  6. Most folks are still unaware of BLM’s true agenda, but, we’ll not get into that right now…. Anyway, can we not all eat vanilla and chocolate and like them both. Different flavours, but they are both ice cream.
    #OneRaceTheHumanRace Peace & Love

  7. The Constitution was written before Police Unions existed.
    If we are are nation of laws then justice should be served no matter the trade of the culprit.
    #BlackLivesMatter exists because of actions taken by law enforcement that have not had those individuals held accountable as if they are above the laws of our country.
    Pleae stop deflecting the cause of the movement from its stated cause in an attempt to remove or minimize any accountability on the part of law enforcement.
    Unarmed citizens should never be killed by law enforcement, never.
    Every time the federal government has had to step in to review a police department it has always proven that there was implicit racial bias so why write this article as if those reviews don’t exist or the 2006 review that proved out how white supremacists have infiltrated police departments.
    Your own dishonesty and aversion to the facts makes your case for police impunity rotten to the core.
    Many police departments should probably be disbanded and brought up on RICO charges for the illegal institutional affects of the blue wall of silence. Police hypocritically talk about the no snitching culture in the street but just like a street gang they practice the same culture.
    If police officers required 4 yr degrees like real professions we would probably weed out those without the commitment or courage or intelligence to do such a difficult job making life OR death decisions.

    • LJP, your comment is factually incorrect, and uses an abhorrent lack of research to preach the party line, with no actual subject matter knowledge.

    • You have clearly misunderstood. But oh well, black Lives Matter just like all the police officers whom black people have hurt which have no fault of other police officers have done. You all are hypocrites when u say black Lives Matter then hurt good officers. We need to get rid of these stupid people who think all police are corrupt. Maybe these black people should not put themselves in th else situations in the first place. Not all of them are innocent. So just fuck off. Do as your told and noone gets hurts. Is that so much to fucking ask. Anyways, have a great day

  8. Absolutely love this….way to go Ben and Jerry’s. They have NOT attacked police officers…they are simply saying what needs to be said….the criminal justice system is biased against people of color….now I will not say ALLLLLL police are racist…but look at the scandal in San Francisco with racist emails and texts shared between officers….point proven!

  9. Don’t give these two aging hippies any credit. They are not “unwitting” accomplices. They know exactly what they are doing.

  10. Ben&Jerrys is a division of Unilever. lever soap, axe, hellmans mayo, lipton and Knorr. Klondike, Breyers, good humor, popsicle…… look for the big U on the back then boycott

  11. Want to truly reach ‘them’ – Unilever

    The Blue Line should learn to speak ‘Green’ –

    While they are a European based conglomerate – they do have NYSE listed shares – trading symbol UL

    A few smart pension fund managers (public safety pensions) ‘could’ distort the share prices up down up down – while taking options and other (illegal) manipulation tactics – which are done everyday by major institutions – and not one goddamned thing is done to them….

    Stock manipulation is illegal, and not condoned, lades and gentlemen – unless you are a hedge fund, major institutional ‘donor’ to the major candidates – it makes me fucking sick with anger to see how the police are now considered the enemy..

    In 1993 Unilever acquired Breyers from Kraft, which made the company the largest ice cream manufacturer in the United States.


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