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Ben from "Ben and Jerry's" wants to sell "Hands Up Don't Shoot" shirts in ice cream stores


Though the phrase has been roundly discredited from being a factual element in the police shooting of Michael Brown based on forensic evidence, Ben Cohen, of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream wants Ben and Jerry’s stores to sell t-shirts that read “HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT” as a way to help end “police oppression”. Cohen’s crusade against “police brutality” was also picked up by at least one local store, in Athens, GA, where this was posted to their Facebook page:

“Our scoop shop managers got to meet THE Ben and Jerry at the annual franchisee/manager retreat! Stay tune to see how our shop will implement Ben’s take on “hands up don’t shoot” campaign to address police brutality and empower children of color.”

Yesterday however, after a social media backlash to the co-founder’s statements, Ben and Jerry’s released this not-so-apologetic statement on their website:

“Ben & Jerry’s deeply respects and appreciates all those who protect and serve our communities. We do not subscribe to the narrative that we have to choose between black lives and blue lives. All lives matter.

There is injustice rooted in race in our society. This is an important issue and is deserving of efforts from all including businesses, organizations and individuals to further peace and understanding in our communities. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

While the Hands Up Don’t Shoot campaign is not being conducted by Ben & Jerry’s business, we support our cofounders as individuals and our independent franchisees to express their values and be activists in their community.”

This is the same organization that was put on a boycott list for LEOs for donating to the defense fund of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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  1. Hope you all realize what you have just done. Will never, EVER, buy my beloved Cherry Garcia again. Plenty of great ice creams out there, and B & J is not longer one that I will support. Good job, morons. Try getting the actual facts before you support some lame ass movement. Adios!

  2. I am not one to boycott a business for expressing political beliefs, but to willfully disregard proven FACT and support a lie? That is another story. I LOVE B&J, but I just cannot support this.

  3. Good job assholes. Pay attention to the facts and not what is “cool” according to those rooting lazy ass gang members. Michael brown WAS 6 foot tall 300 lb thug assaulted store owner the robbed him. Before rushing and assaulting an officer. He got what he deserved case closed. I hope you guys someday need the police and they don’t respond because some

  4. I have known all about these animals for years how they support criminals and I do not eat Ben and Jerrys, this just solidified ot even more, wish more people that have respect for law enforcement boycott this ridiculous company

    • Just because someone disagrees with what one officer did does not mean that they do not respect law enforcement or appreciate good officers. There are good and bad officers out there. It may be convenient for you to group everything together and form assumptions about anyone who does not agree with the actions of this particular officer, but that definitely does not display good judgement and/or wisdom on your part.

      • crystal, this isn’t about the one incident. This is a movement of idiots. by them putting this in their stores they are bashing cops . I understand they have the right to do what ever they want . We have the right to bash back and mock and boycott their products. I don’t think there is a cop that would buy from them and that includes their family’s and friends I hope Ben and Jerry loose their chunky monkey with this one….

  5. A disgusting display of activism by the ill informed. I’ll never enter a store associated to these clowns. I’m all for freedom speech or activism in support of ideals even if I don’t agree with them, but at least it should be based on accurate research. Idiots!

  6. I don’t know…seems like the sale of these should go to POLICE BENEVOLENT associations as this would be something cops would say to violent, gun-toting criminals….”Hands up, don’t shoot, I just want to question you…or write you a ticket….or any one of a number of dangerous things cops are expected to do every day.

  7. What??? Someone has an opinion??? I’ll never bu from them again. Haha yeah right. Ben & Jerry’s is awesome. For the people who boycott every company they don’t agree with, remember, this is America. Meanwhile, everyone I know who stops purchasing things from American companies whose owners have different political beliefs, keeps buying from companies who only sell things made in communist and third world countries.

    Let’s get real people, you only care about being on the right side of an argument, as long as it fits your image.

    On a more serious and worthy note, could Ben & Jerry’s PLEASE bring back Totally Nuts??? Best flavor ever.

    • THANK YOU. It’s good to see that someone in this mine-field of comments has some sense. All of these people in the comments are talking about how they will no longer ever buy their once favorite ice cream all because of this. Please…. if you’re going to say goodbye to one of your favorite flavors or brands of ice cream because of this, that’s your own stupid loss. Whether or not I agree or disagree with B&J’s political beliefs are irrelevant. Why should that be your deciding factor on whether or not to buy their ICE CREAM? Really? People are so stupid.

      Do I 100% agree with this campaign that Ben & Jerry’s is supporting? Let me be honest with you. No I don’t really agree with it. But that’s not going to stop me from having my fill of “Everything But The..” and “Phish Food.” In fact, I’m going to go out and buy some right now!

  8. Gross fools. Never again will I buy their junky ice cream. What do they know anyway? They live in freaking VT and are white bread.

  9. So we have to ask ourselves, “Whose side are you on?” The 2 ‘sides’ are what? Law enforcement and everyone else? I, and my mom and dad and fiance and friends are part of everyone else so that won’t work. Um, how about white and black? Wait, there are cops of every race, origin, sexual orientation… so that won’t work. I got it, fat butted millionaires who make broad statements about a group of well over half a million people (that’s an -ist, as in racist, sexist…, statement. You can’t judge a group that large as being any one thing) and those that risk their lives on a daily basis to protect the people and constitution of these United States! Easy choice which side I am on then.

  10. I will NEVER again buy Ben& Jerry’s ice cream…..I am a police wife and I have seen the terror that our men in blue go thru when they have to take a person down…..for whatever the reason. You support those who yelled Burn this F—–place down….too bad one of your store’s wasn’t one of them. Then I bet you would have a different opinion. There are so many good black and white people in our country. But just a few bad ones turn everything around. Next time someone is robbing one of your stores do not call the men in blue…..they owe you nothing….show the robber your hands up T Shirt and see if he still takes your money or kills you…..BEN AND JERRY’s is DONE!!!!

  11. The same guys who are underwriting the costs of the legal defense for killer abu jamal who executed Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner in 1981. PO Faulkner was attempting to make an arrest of jamal’s brother on a traffic stop. Nice guys, I think I will avoid this brand at all costs. I remember like it was yesterday.

  12. As the sister of a police officer shot in the line of duty while attempting to do his job, I cannot express how deeply offended I am by this decision. Your utter lack of understanding of how the world really works and clearly have no desire to wade through the media muck and get to the truth of anything.

    • Boycotting this company until they sell t-shirts that say “We are liberal asshole millionaires who degrade law enforcement for protecting our country”. Hope you desperately need their protection one day and it isn’t available. Hippy junkies

  13. You support causes for cases that you most likely you didn’t even read transcripts from the trial. Especially the Po Faulkner case . He was executed, and that was well documented. Use the media to promote ice cream. By the above statements you been judged.


  15. I can’t believe how a company so popular would support something like this! So sick of the racial card being drawn! It has nothing to do with race it has everything to do with this kid bring a thug and resisting arrest! I do not believe in the killings part but unfortunately that’s part of a cop’s job when they feel threatened by anyone any color! Give me a friggin’ break! It’s sad this kid lost his life over something really stupid like not doing what he was supposed to do like doing the right thing and listening when you’re told to do something! Will never buy from your company just brcause you’re as ignorant as the others who cant see past the racial crap and just see what’s right in front of them!

  16. My wife and I eat a lot of ice cream, But I am sad to say B&J will never get another dime of our money. What a stupid thing to promote. How many of the thugs you are supporting can afford your ice cream. May God protect and watch over our MEN in Blue, I personally thank and respect my police force. I will today buy a policeman a chocolate chocolate chip HAAGEN DAZS.

  17. if they are so”for the cause” why aren’t they giving away shirts,instead of selling them,,BYW,”hands up don’t shoot”,never happened.A-holes,Basking Robbins rules…..

  18. well Ben and Jerry’s you lost lifelong customers.
    specially with my family and friends. go look up the media and do your research and educate yourself. to find out that hands up don’t shoot was nothing but a made up story to make Michael Brown look good.

    I’m not saying police brutality is right because they are bad cops and good cops out there. but by selling the shirt you’re just adding to the problem of this country. there are hundreds and thousands of good cops dedicated cops dying each day by the hands of criminals. But I don’t see you selling shirts about don’t kill cops.

  19. Sorry Ben and Jerry’s, but I cannot support your campaign for hate. A police officer in my hometown was shot this morning, while directing traffic in a school zone. Guess what? His hands were up too, but he was trying to get children safely to school. Are you going to sell t-shirts for him?

  20. Stupid, ill thought out idea that doesn’t correspond to the facts! What about the cops that have been shot leaving families behind. I guess I’ll be eating someone else’s ice cream.

  21. Right on!
    Cops are immune from conviction in the courts.
    I am tired of cops getting away with murdering people; when a life can mean so much.
    Think alternatives!

  22. It’s very clear to me that most of you have never been profiled. Not important to you because I’m safe.. When the people look like you then you will care..

    Great ice cream, they have my support.

  23. wow, reading these comments makes me uneasy, and I now look into people’s faces and wonder what they are thinking… I work with people like you all and every day they smile in my face while silently thinking I’m a just another black bitch…then they log onto websites like this to perpetuate stereotypes and hate speech…while forgetting that we all bleed red. Question: If you were to get into an accident would you deny the blood they brought you because it came from an inner city kid whose life is not as nice as yours…why don’t you walk up to a young black person and say everything you say on this website? Would you be able to say it or would you look away and mumble a generic greeting…seeing posts like these makes me sad for the human white race…I pity you all and pray for your souls…God bless your ignorant little minds…

    • Seriously? This forum makes you uneasy? How did the Ferguson riots make you feel? You go from wondering what people are thinking to know that the are thinking “just another black bitch”. Very insightful. If that is what you think about yourself you have greater issues than this forum. The problem that not white people, but anybody that cares to look at the facts, is the false narrative of “Hands up, don’t shoot”, a movement based on lies of witnesses that were never concerned with justice.

  24. People actually still patronized BJ after they threw all their money at the chief racist in 2008? Unbelievable. Nobody I know gave them a cent after that. No Bruce Springsteen either…

  25. I’m sorry, I’m in St. Louis, and lived through Ferguson. It was proven to be as the Police Officers said it was, and there was no “hands up, don’t shoot”. All by a Grand Jury investigation, and other independent investigations. They had LEO’s up there protecting, or trying to protect, that community, but they were ordered of course, as they should have been, to cause no more problems. So they had to stand there and take the abuse that a lot of those so called “protesters” did to them….from spitting in their faces, to throwing bottles of “unmentionable fluids” to screaming in their faces, and so much more. They burnt the places of businesses there, of poor people trying to just feed their families, and they burned the police cars, and looted and stole. I cannot believe that you would support a group of people founded on these untruths. Now sell some shirts, that say “All Lives Matter”, and you might have something to support.

  26. Haven’t bought this crap since they supported the convicted murderer of Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner, the murderer of FBI agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams in Pine Ridge in 1975, so this isn’t anything new for these assholes. I can do without Chunky Spunky and Bloody Garcia.

  27. I will no longer purchase any of your ice cream ,,,,and i will use my right to inform my local supermarket that i will not be patronizing their establihment while that stuff sold by you liberal pieces of crap is in their freezers

    • I actually find myself standing in front of their ice cream making my comments on the disgust I feel of their support of this piece of filth.

  28. I stopped buying their ice cream a long time ago, actually when they showed their support of this cop killer. Never, will I purchase it again. Never, will I forget.

  29. who needs Ben and Jerrys? what an idiot. there are so many really good ice creams out there. how to stir up trouble based solely on incorrect facts. why not go burn down buildings ben bye bye you are an unnecessary flea in society.


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