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Beloved Louisiana sheriff’s deputy and her daughter killed


Police in a small Louisiana town are investigating a double murder-suicide, involving a local deputy and her daughter.

The West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is mourning the loss of their beloved deputy, Donna LeBlanc and her 21-year old daughter, Carli Jo.

Breaking down in tears, West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Mike Cazes said: “She was one of my first female deputies … I just saw her yesterday… she’s gone now.” Leblanc was a 22-year vet of the dept. and the wife of a Louisiana state trooper.

She was reportedly spending time at her home in Glynn, on her day off Tuesday, when the shooting occurred.

Police say the suspected shooter, Greg Phillips, was an estranged neighbor who had conflicts with the deputy in the past and that may have been part of the motive.

Phillips apparently approached Leblanc at her carport, when a gunfight erupted, MY FOX 8 reported. Police said Leblanc was able to shoot back with her pistol, but Phillips eventually shot and killed her, then shot Carli Jo– who was standing on the porch.  Phillips then turned the gun on himself, police said.

Leblanc’s nine-year-old daughter survived the shooting. She was reportedly inside the house at the time and was able to call for help.



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