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Bank robber identified and arrested after pulling down mask during heist

Image credit: Jackson Police Department.

A Mississippi man was arrested after he prematurely pulled his mask off during a bank heist, resulting the bandit being the butt of many joked after the fact.

Richard Jiles, a 41-year-old resident of the Magnolia State, attempted to rob the Trustmark Bank in Jackson, Mississippi on Thursday.

Despite leaving a threatening note and making off with the loot, Jiles seemingly forgot that banks are equipped with security cameras.

On his way out the door, Jiles pulled down his medical-style mask and exposed his face.

Shortly after the robbery, the Jackson Police Department revealed stills from the video, helping locals identify Jiles as the robber.

According to the Daily Mail, Jiles, who was taken into custody but has yet to be charged, was mocked incessantly on social media.

“The ONE time in US history when it’s actually okay to wear a mask in a bank and this fool here,” one person wrote.

“Wait. Wait. Homie took his mask off for the robbery lmao….my percentage of stupid [people] in this country didn’t stop going up,” another chimed.

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