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Baltimore police to re-assign 115 officers to patrol to curb overtime


The Baltimore police are upping their ranks by 20%, in an effort to suppress crime and to try and reduce costs caused by overtime hours.

Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle stepped in front of cameras on Wednesday, discussing the re-assignment of 115 officers to patrol roles in nine districts.

“With patrol being a priority, with our crime fight being a priority, we see the need to move these personnel,” Tuggle said/

According to the Baltimore Sun, the department is having a hard time recruiting new officers and has been forced to cannibalize other units within the department in order to fill in patrol slots.

Furthermore, officers working overtime not only cost the agency excessive amounts of money, but give police less time to rest- resulting in an exhausted force with low morale.

A violent city to the point of being a household name synonymous with violence, Baltimore has seen 15 people murdered since July 1, including a 7-year-old girl.

The current patrol schedule needs around 1,200 officers to effectively run four 10-hour shifts per officer on a weekly basis. Prior to the force multiplying effort, there were only 766 officers, with 152 undeployable for various reasons.

Several officers are being reassigned from the District Detective Units, which are currently being disbanded.

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