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Baltimore police release body cam footage of woman who was punched by officer


Body cameras save the day once again, this time in relation to an officer striking a woman who nearly ran him down with a vehicle in Baltimore.

The Maryland metropolis has been alive with civil unrest, and the Baltimore Police have been on the front lines, with a particularly harrowing incident on May 29.

The footage, released to YouTube by BPD yesterday, shows MPD Sergeant Graig Higley attempting to stop a vehicle that had been reportedly driving erratically all over town.

The vehicle’s driver refuses to stop, and then makes several circles around the intersection, nearly striking two officers in the process.

Deploying firearms, the officers force the woman out of the car, who then throws a tantrum on the ground and begins acting aggressively.

“Don’t touch me!” the woman shouted before chanting “I feel attacked” as she squeezed her breasts.

“You’re stupid,” she told the officer, “Don’t talk to me!”

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The woman then struck the officer twice before being subdued with a well-placed punch.

Local protesters immediately assumed police brutality was in play and began screaming at the officers before the bike police cavalry showed up, skid-stopping into a blockade position.

The woman was detained and booked. The investigation is ongoing.

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