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Badges save officers by stopping bullets in two separate shooting incidents on same day



The badge of a Nevada Highway Patrol Officer which shielded the officer from bullet fired by a fleeing suspect.

Two police officers in the western United States proved extremely lucky when they both survived being shot on the same day, with their badges taking the bullet for them.

According to the New York Daily News, both officers were involved in shootings on Friday that resulted in the shooters being killed after the incidents took place.

In Las Vegas, a Nevada Highway Patrol Officer was conducting routine traffic stops when one suspect leapt from his vehicle and took off, engaging the patrolman after he took pursuit. He was killed in the ensuing gunfight.

While the trooper was hit in the chest, hit badge glanced the round, resulting in the lucky man requiring no medical treatment whatsoever. While the officer was unharmed, the badge was marred beyond recognition.

“We are grateful the Trooper went home safe to his family,” the department tweeted.

The badge of a Huntington Beach police officer after deflecting a bullet during a car pursuit.

In Huntington Beach, California, officers responded to a domestic call around midnight.

As the officers pulled up, they saw a man get into a car and flee, prompting the officers to follow.

Noticing he was being followed, the suspect made a sharp U-Turn and began shooting at the officer. A bullet grazed the officer’s badge.

“We work so hard for that badge, we sacrifice many hours…. never imagining that our badge is going to save our life,” said CHP Officer Steve Carapia.

The suspect sped off from the scene, with California Highway Patrol officers taking up the pursuit. Driving off of an off-ramp and sliding into an embankment, the car crashed and burst into flames, killing the driver.

Neither the suspects nor the officers have been identified at this time.


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