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Baby Yoda, crystal meth, and Native American artifacts found on trespassing couple out on a “date”

Left: Crystal Meth / Right: Baby Yoda

Smart, they are not.

Arrested, they are now.

A man and woman, who claimed they were husband and wife, were arrested earlier this week after a Texas Parks & Wildlife game warden spotted them trespassing on a Native American burial site that’s closed off to the public.

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, the warden saw the couple dig a hole on surveillance video and immediately went to check it out.

The site is popular for grave robbers to find Native American artifacts and attempt to sell them.

The game warden immediately arrested and separated the two at either end of his SUV. The couple played dumb saying they didn’t know it was private property and that they were out on the date.

The game warden found a glass pipe in the shape of baby Yoda on him. The man claimed it was used to smoke CBD oil, though the warden found traces of crystal meth inside.

The warden set it down to then check in on the woman, when he returned the pipe had been knocked and smashed on the ground.

The couple was arrested, and during transport the man claimed he had the coronavirus and began coughing on the warden.

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  1. He’s already looking at federal crimes, and then decides he’s gonna assault the officer with the threat of infecting him with a potentially deadly disease.
    Not the cookie with the most chocolate chips.


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