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Baby found in car involved in high-speed chase and shootout


Four individuals were arrested on Sunday after a high-speed chase on Interstate 90 in Snoqualmie, Washington.  The chase ended after the vehicle had exited onto a dead-end, rural road close to Issaquah, Washington. After four arrests were made, a baby was found in the vehicle.

The incident began at about 11:30 p.m. when Snoqualmie police spotted a suspicious looking vehicle at the North Bend Premium Outlets Mall, according to Joan Pliego of the Snoqualmie police. Police followed the car in order to detect any possible criminal activity. Shortly thereafter, the vehicle sped away and entered the west-bound on-ramp of Interstate 90, according to KOMO News.

During the high speed chase that immediately followed, an individual in the vehicle allegedly shot at the police pursuing them. However, no bullets hit any of the police vehicles involved in the incident.

The police kept chasing the vehicle until it left Interstate 90 and drove down a rural residential road near the May Valley and Issaquah Hobart roads. A SWAT team then approached the car and proceeded to arrest the four people that were inside the vehicle as the King County Sheriff’s Office Guardian One helicopter hovered above them.

After the arrests were made, an infant was found in the car. According to Q13 Fox News, the baby was transferred to Child Protective Services.

The incident is now being investigated by the Snoqualmie Police Department along with the assistance of the Coalition Major Crimes Task Force, according to The Issaquah Press.

The Twitter account of the King County Sheriff’s Office Air Support uploaded a video of the search onto YouTube. The video was filmed from the Guardian One helicopter, and the operator of the camera in the helicopter can be heard speaking as he moved the camera around in an attempt to locate the suspects.

The voice on the video gave instructions to the police on the ground as they searched for the suspects. Police found three of the suspects near the vehicle and located the fourth in a nearby cluster of trees. Near the end of the video, after the last person has been taken into custody, the voice on the video said, “At this point, I think that having canine come in is a good idea.”

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