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Baby-Faced Teen Accused Of Impersonating Cop



A New Hampshire teenager who dreams of becoming a police officer has found himself on the wrong side of the law after he was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a cop at an ice cream stall.

Chance LaCasse, 19, was wearing a New Hampshire state police jacket and had a handgun holstered to his hip when he walked into King Kone in the town of Merrimack on 1 April, authorities say.

He left in a blue Ford Explorer, reports the Union Leader newspaper.

Someone called the real police, leading to LaCasse being arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer, a felony offence.

His Instagram page has photos of him posing in patrolmen’s uniforms and dressing up as a detective.

LaCasse has even been pictured in police cruisers and wearing bullet proof vests.

He apparently bought a Glock handgun and a German Shepherd, a dog often used by law enforcement.

“People ask all the time why I carry a gun,” he wrote on one photo caption.

“It’s simple. I’ll do anything to protect what I love. #glock #9mm #2ndamendment”.

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