Home News Authorities seize improvised weapon dubbed the “Smith & Methson”

Authorities seize improvised weapon dubbed the “Smith & Methson”

The “Smith and Methson.” Credit: Meskwaki Nation Police Department

The pinnacle of steampunk-esque improvised weapons has been captured by police on an American Indian reservation, and it has been dubbed the “Smith & Methson.”

The pistol, which gives a mix of vibes ranging from “Borderlands” to “Rust” and “Escape From Tarkov,” was reportedly confiscated from a felon by the The Meskwaki Nation Police Department.

“The possessor of this firearm was a felon prohibited from possessing firearms and was previously convicted for possessing firearms,” the agency wrote on Facebook. “He possessed meth and was previously convicted for distributing cocaine.”

The unique name came from the officers making the arrest, rather than the firearm’s chemically-altered creator.

“Although our officers have dubbed this creation the ‘Smith and Meth-Son,’ this is no laughing matter,” the agency added.

The pistol, which appears to have a breech-loading design, complete with a US Quarter as part of the hammer.

Meskwaki Nation Police Department

The rest of the gun is a mishmash of plumbing parts, wood, a flashlight [even meth makers know the value of a Weapon-Mounted Light] and what appears to be Gorilla Glue.

Well, you can’t hate on the designer for trying.

According to their post, “The Meskwaki Nation Police Department not only serves the proud Meskwaki Community, but also a casino and highway that brings visitors from all over and offers opportunities for very interesting encounters.”


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