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Authorities issue warnings for Police, prison guards over threat from Black Guerilla Family for ‘Black August’


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Several prominent agencies issued a bulletin to law enforcement on Wednesday, warning of a new threat to police officers and correctional staff.

Known as “Black August” the month was canonised by the Black Guerilla Family in the 1970s in an effort to remember and honor fallen members.

According to ABC-7, the the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Sacramento Intelligence Unit and the FBI’s National Gang Intelligence Center have issued a bulletin to law enforcement, warning of increased risk for violence during Black August.

The bulletin goes into detail as to how the BGF believes one of their most prominent members was murdered by the Aryan Brotherhood- with the support of the California State Prison.

The document went on to say that one inmate says that the “BGF has a 2-for-1 kill policy” and that BGF members are “going to kill correctional officers and Aryan Brotherhood gang members to send a firm message. And the attacks will occur across the country, not just in California, and will likely occur during the BGF’s memorial celebration of Black August.”

The bulletin includes a drawing submitted by a BGF member to the San Francisco Bay View, showing a giant black gorilla eating a pig.

Also included in the bulletin is a note from the FBI’s Baltimore office, where “BGF members reportedly discussed how they could ambush law enforcement officers who were parked in alleys or side streets.”

Retired FBI agent Rick Smith says the bulletin is nothing new for officers working the streets and cell blocks. The job has always been dangerous.


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