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Breaking: FBI confirms remains found in Carlton Reserve are that of...

The FBI has just confirmed that the remains found in Carlton Reserve are that of Brian Laundrie.

Philly train passengers record woman being raped, refuse to intervene

The rape of a passenger on a SEPTA train one night last week lasted about six minutes, and other passengers not only looked on but appeared to point their smartphones at the assault as it happened, police said Monday.

Washington officers protest mandate, fly “don’t tread on me flag” on...

Source: Twitter As Washington state's vaccine mandate approaches, some Seattle police officers are protesting with pictures of their...

NYC woman used obituaries to rob families while they attended funerals

A New York City woman is facing years in prison after authorities say she used obituaries to target and rob the homes of grieving families while they attended funeral services.

State trooper tells governor to ‘kiss my a-‘ in final sign-off...

A veteran state trooper in Washington went viral for his message for the governor as he resigned over the state's vaccine mandate.

Prisons paying inmates $50 if they get COVID-19 vaccine

The state Department of Public Safety, or PSD, announced Thursday that it will pay $50 to certain inmates who get fully vaccinated against. The effort is among several across the country that aim to help increase inoculation rates in prisons and jails, which are dangerous breeding grounds for communicable diseases.

NYPD officer charged with murder after shooting her ex-girlfriend

NYPD Officer Yvonne Wu, 31, allegedly shot her ex-girlfriend and another woman. Maura Grunlund

Gabby Petito died from strangulation, coroner says

Gabby Petito, the Long Island woman whose mysterious death has sparked a manhunt for her fiancé, died from strangulation, the Wyoming coroner who performed her autopsy said Tuesday.

Teacher who was shot in back by Texas school shooter has...

New updates have emerged from the shooting in Arlington, Texas, including the identity of one of the victims.

Woman steals good Samaritan’s car with his 5 kids in it...

Markell Hancox (Currituck County Sheriff's Office) Simone Jasper The Charlotte Observer A...