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Officers in trouble for asking for an employee’s manager after she...

A San Diego police internal investigation found two department leaders overstepped their authority and displayed improper conduct when they confronted a café employee who told an officer, "Black lives matter," according to records recently obtained by the Union-Tribune and video of the encounter.

Man accused of ramming Florida deputy will face a first-degree murder...

The man accused of ramming the patrol of Hillsborough sheriff’s deputy will be prosecuted on nine charges including premeditated murder of a law enforcement officer

Cleveland cop fired for using crack cocaine, failing to report fellow...

Cleveland fired a police officer for using crack cocaine and failing to report that a fellow officer stepped on a man’s neck during an arrest, officials said.

Armored car guard robbed of a bag of $200k cash with...

All it took was a shove and quick pair of feet for a crook to steal $200,000 from an armored car in the Bronx Wednesday afternoon, cops said.

Man dresses up as a cop, steals donut from convenience store

A man in Utah stole a donut from a convenience store whilst impersonating a police office.

Security guard arrested after being identified in viral smoothie assault video

A 45-year-old woman was arrested in connection with throwing a smoothie at a store employee, which was captured on video and went viral online, police said.

Woman accused of impersonating police officer, Salvation Army worker during holiday...

During what authorities alleged was a Christmas-time thieving spree, a Boston woman is accused of impersonating both a police officer and a Salvation Army worker to steal from people’s homes before speeding off in a Mercedes Benz.

Houston police officer resigns after being linked to Capitol takeover

The Houston police officer who may face federal charges for participating in the Capitol takeover resigned Thursday, ahead of his disciplinary meeting with HPD Chief Art Acevedo, officials said.

NYPD officer stabbed in the neck by a woman in her...

An NYPD cop was stabbed in the neck by an erratic Brooklyn woman inside her home, police body camera video shows.

Federal correctional officer committed suicide on Christmas at prison in Florida

A correctional officer at Federal Correctional Complex Coleman in Sumter County died by suicide Christmas Day after bringing a gun onto the compound and shooting himself, a union official said.