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Nashville Metro pulling SROs from schools after being harassed

Starting next month two schools in Nashville will no longer have School Resource Officers. The Nashville Police Department told WTVF the decision was made because the schools have reported "toxic" environments for the SROs, who are reportedly harassed on a daily basis.

Chicago PD rejects Empire actor’s redacted phone records

Actor and singer Jussie Smollett is facing more scrutiny for the alleged attack he was a victim of in Chicago last month- and now the Chicago Police are starting to question some of the “evidence” he provided.

Norway police officers use shields as sleds in viral video

Officers from two neighboring towns decided to race each other down a hill using their shields as sleds.

Illegal border tunnels pumped full of toxic gas in Egypt, killing...

As U.S. politicians go for each other’s throats in a debate over a border wall between the United States and Mexico, the Egyptian military has admitted to recently gassing a tunnel stretching from the Sinai Peninsula into the Gaza strip, killing two Hamas members and injuring several others

Notre Dame football player arrested after punching female police officer

Notre Dame football player Javon McKinley was charged Monday with three misdemeanors, including two counts of battery, after reportedly punching two University of Notre Dame Security Police officers.

Florida woman threatens deputy says KKK will visit his home

A Florida woman stopped from leaving a Deland home told a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy that he would get a "visit from the KKK" as she was being arrested for DUI.

Semi-truck runs red light, crashes into Wisconsin police cruiser

Despite decent road conditions, a semi-truck ran a red light and smashed into the side of this patrol car.

Tennessee police officer signs off for final time to daughter working...

Chattanooga Police Officer Austin Garett signed off for the final time and the dispatcher who took his final call was his daughter.

Corrections nurse arrested for killing husband so she could marry prison...

A middle-aged nurse employed at a correctional center in Missouri is accused of killing her husband with antifreeze in order to marry her inmate lover, who just so happens to be serving time for slaying an elderly lottery winner.

Former SO employee faces 10 felony charges for falsely accusing deputy...

A Michigan woman will stand trial for falsely accusing an Eaton County Sheriff's deputy of raping her.