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New Orleans PD faces staffing crisis as officers keep leaving

When the pandemic struck New Orleans in 2020 and City Hall shut down, widespread recruiting for police officers also went on hiatus. A social media campaign to find new cadets seemed like a waste if applicants couldn't take the in-person civil service test or enter a police academy with limited seating, said Melanie Talia, president of the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation.

Off-duty Rhode Island officer suspended after he punched a pro-choice protester...

An off-duty police officer punched a woman twice in the face at a pro-choice protest in Rhode Island on Friday night.

Brian Laundrie confessed to killing fiancée Gabby Petito in his notebook

Brian Laundrie scribbled his confession to the slaying of his fiancée, Gabby Petito, on the pages of a spiral-bound notebook discovered near his remains in a Florida swamp last October.

Fans beg NYPD rookie who gave her married boss a lap...

An NYPD rookie officer who gave her married Lieutenant a lap dance during a holiday party is getting flooded with comments on her Instagram page to start an OnlyFans account.

Family of an officer who died during “mob” training sues LAPD

A 32-year-old Los Angeles police officer who suffered fatal neck injuries during a department training last month had been getting beaten by other officers in an exercise meant to “simulate a mob,” according to a wrongful-death claim filed against the city by his mother.

Roe vs. Wade protesters take to the streets, became violent in...

It didn’t take long after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade for hundreds of people to congregate in the shadow of a federal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Supreme Court says people can’t sue police officers for Miranda rights...

must still advise suspects of their right to remain silent and consult a lawyer, they cannot be sued for damages for failing to do so.

LGBTQ community shuns police support in Seattle, won’t let them march...

The decision to bar Seattle police officers from marching in uniform in Sunday's Pride Parade has garnered support from LGBTQ+ activists in the city, who see the move as a continuation of the national reckoning over police violence that erupted two years ago with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Father of murdered boy sucker punches suspect during court proceeding

An Ohio father didn't feel satisfied enough that police had caught the person responsible for his son's death. Instead, he wanted to enact some physical vengeance and sucker-punched the handcuffed suspect after a court proceeding had just wrapped up.

NY DA lets two police assailants walk with little or no...

Loud music on an East Harlem street sparked a wild caught-on-camera melee in which a cop was punched and spat on, police said Wednesday.