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‘Call of Duty’ player kills female game rival, uploads graphic video...

One Call of Duty player in Brazil took the "Favela" mode to a whole new level- by killing his female rival and uploading a graphic video to social media.

Two teens face homicide charges for heinous rape and murder of...

Two teenagers from Milwaukee are facing homicide charges for the 2020 rape and muder of a mentally handicapped Hmong Asian-American woman.

Virginia woman breaks into home half-naked, attacks man with pitchfork

A woman in Virginia was arrested after breaking in to a home while half-naked, ultimately attacking a man with a pitchfork.

Pennsylvania DA charged with sexual assault, 5 female clients involved

A prosecutor in Pennsylvania is accused of having his way with five female clients, all while working in an elected position.

Mississippi deputy killed in shootout with suicidal man

A sheriff's deputy in Mississippi was killed after a duty-related shooting in Hancock County, according to authorities.

U.S. state Department deputy spokesperson has said police are biggest national...

The woman who has been named the US State Department's deputy spokesperson by the Biden Administration has gone on record to say that American police are the biggest threat to national security.

Louisiana deputy denied burial at cemetery due to race

A deceased deputy in Louisiana was denied burial in an Allen Parish cemetery, reportedly due to the color of his skin.

Arkansas teacher pleads guilty to sexual assault of teenage girl

An Arkansas teacher was sentenced to four months in jail and a decade of probation after she admitted to sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

One shift from retirement, deputy killed in bizarre “kamikaze”-style vehicle attack.

Tragedy in Florida's Hillsborough County, as authorities reveal that a local sheriff's deputy was killed in what appears to be a case of vehiclular homicide- all with one shift left before he was scheduled to retire.

Catholic Deacon, latest victim in NYC subway attack trend

Police in New York City have released video of a suspect sucker-punching a man of the cloth in a subway.