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ATV rider that taunted Maryland officer in viral video now facing charges



A man performing dangerous and outrageous stunts on his ATV, while taunting a Maryland police officer, is now facing some serious charges.

The chief of Prince George County police spoke to local media and issued a stern warning to those that want to engage in this type of “reckless” behavior.

“If you engage in this behavior we’re not going to chase you, we’re not going to endanger the public but, subsequent to that, we will be coming and we will be coming to hold you accountable for it,” Police Chief Hank Stawinski told Fox 5.

Stawinski also commended the police officer for his professionalism, in response to this “reckless, rude disrespectful behavior.”

Because of the department’s “no chase” policy, the officer stayed behind the ATV rider and did not engage in a high-speed chase that could’ve endangered other drivers. This policy mirrors national best practices in policing, Stawinski said. While the ATV can achieve great speeds and maneuvers, the police car carries weight and can create more hazard to the public, he said.

“We will not engage in reckless behavior, in response to reckless behavior,” Stawinski added.

In the most recent case, the chief says rider Piera Barbour and camera operator Michael Roane are both facing charges — including reckless driving and negligent driving. While there are plenty of safe areas to participate in this recreational activity, Barbour, it seems, was doing the stunts over the weekend dangerously close to a police cruiser in District Heights, Maryland — for the thrill, rush or the attention.

Attention he got, but not in a good way.

Stawinski says two others have been arrested for related offenses. Last April, police in the District announced a major crack down on illegal riders. A database has been created to help them identify those that engage in illegal activity — “creating havoc for the traveling public”.

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